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  1. Just announced on ESPN. Jim Levitt’s name was mentioned by Kirk Herbstreet as potential replacement for the open HC position. I know, many here have dreamed about CJL to come back and coach at USF...
  2. Link is not working.. guess it gave up just like everything USF football this year
  3. The thing that gets me is, why isn’t our chant songs that electrifying? It seems our chant songs are like from the 1950’s... old and dull. I have the same feeling when I go to a Miami Dolphins game and they play the old “Miami Dolphins #1” chant song. We need to step it up and bring energy to our home games.
  4. Hi All, looking for 4 tickets for Friday’s game to add 4 more Bulls fans to this Friday’s game. Anyone have tickets that they will not be using please let me know. (Please pm me) Thanks! Go Bulls!! \m/
  5. Lol! Need to get all Orlando Bulls together one of these days
  6. Anyone in Orlando going to a viewing party! If so, where?
  7. The disrespect that all the analysts have given us has proven true. This is the first real test for this team, and we are being exposed as the inferior team that we are. We were never deserving of a top 25 ranking
  8. I think my grandma and her group of bingo playing friends would do better than this defense. This is pathetic
  9. Just called them, they are not aware of any watch parties happening today. we are still in the Bush-leagues. Thanks for trying Apis!
  10. Anyone know where I can find the away game watch parties? I live in Orlando
  11. I just learned the meaning of this word. Never knew the origin and the history behind it. Crazy https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kike
  12. Hate to admit this, but the Kniggts are actually fighting for both of us to get into a power conference. The bias against the G5 will always be there, our only hope is to get out of this conference with UCif. Ok, I got to go barf now
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