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  1. Catracho3k

    Hall of Fame Club Tickets

    That is not true. I’ve been to several USF games in the past few years at the Hall of Fame club. I’ve bought them from Bucs suite owners because it includes all the USF home games and some of those bucs fans are not USF fans and they sell them on Craigslist. I just want to know if there is any other site that may sell them because I’ve exhausted all Craigslist posting and have had no luck for upcoming UCONN and UCF games.
  2. Other than looking on Craigslist for suite tickets to USF home games, does anyone know any other way to buy Hall of Fame or suite tickets for UCONN game or UCF game? I’m looking for 2-4 tickets and I’ve asked the people that sell them either for Bucs games or USF games on Craigslist but there are only a few that appear on the search and no luck so far. Any help would be appreciated thanks
  3. Catracho3k

    A bit of a sad day...,

    Wouldn’t we want UCF to win and cause chaos if UCF does not get a seat at the table? Maybe not chaos, but enough of a spark to bring reform to the current status quo?
  4. Catracho3k

    A bit of a sad day...,

    Do we want Memphis or UCF to win? What would help USF in the long run?
  5. Does that that fake play to the Hback ever fool anyone? Quinton has not been successful keeping the ball on the run play either...
  6. Coach Strong, is that you?
  7. Catracho3k

    Attendance is an embarrassment

    FSU losing to NC State 27-18 currently. If FSU losses.. a. Will this boost attendance to USF home games from FSU alumni? b. Will we be ranked above FSU next week?
  8. This was cool to see flash by just a minute ago!! Go Bulls!! \m/
  9. Looking for a parking pass for tonight's game. Will be driving from Orlando. Please let me know. Thanks
  10. Catracho3k


    Can we hire this guy to be our beat writer?
  11. Here is a great article from Mark Cuban talking about the experience at the events trumps even the product being watched. Food for thought... https://www.google.com/amp/blogmaverick.com/2014/02/23/my-2-cents-on-sports-marketing-and-what-i-learned-from-smu-basketball-this-week/amp/ "but you have to understand what makes going to an nba game unique. it’s the energy. it’s the participation , it’s being the 6th man and supporting your team. its high fiving or hugging the person. next to you that you dont know, because your team just hit a big shot . Most importantly it’s the look on the face of your child , or your date and the everlasting memories that are created from games. Doesn’t everyone remember their first game with a parent ?"
  12. Catracho3k

    Fan Fest August 12th

    Had a blast today!! Go Bulls \m/
  13. since I can't find the emoticon of stirring the pot, the pitchfork mafia will have to do