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  1. Thanks, John. I knew it had been there before. I thought maybe some of us didn't notice it and as a result thought the increase was for just for the tickets alone.
  2. One thing I noticed was a line item for an additional 10% Bulls Club donation added to my invoice. I'm at the Green Bull level so this adds another $100 to my invoice. This could be causing what appears to be a major increase (percentage-wise) for others as well. There is an option to remove the additional donation amount before paying the invoice if you don't wish to bump up your donation. I believe this is similar to how it was on my original invoice last year as well.
  3. If you are still looking for tickets, send me a message with your name and email address. I have two in 108 I can't use tonight.
  4. I have Section 14, Row 1, Seats 1&2......looks like we'll be neighbors.
  5. I also have two tickets for tonight's game in 108 on the aisle. Free to the first Bulls Fan. Send me a PM with name and email and they are yours.
  6. Fewer offensive penalties doesn't equate to more points. We still have to be able to put points on the board. nothing kills a drive worse than offensive penalties...especially an offense that is so dependent on the running game. hard to get the running game going when it is 1st and 20 or 2nd and 17. I won't disagree with you there. My thing is, we can play the cleanest game on offense but if we can't get the ball into the endzone, cleaning up penalties did us no good except making us look a little less dumb. We have to get over our ineffectiveness. We have to score. Cleaning up penalties will help, no doubt, but that alone does not determine the outcome of the game. And we can play great offense and get into the end zone zone or even just move the ball pass the yard marker and get a first down and then have it called back too so goes both ways. Bottom line the team has to be effective and smart and disciplined on offense, and defense of course. This past Monday night Bucs game just goes to show you the teams can surpass expectations. So hopefully we're not going to be letdown again. There's a new pile on rule this year that the team needs to be made aware of. Actually, I'm sure they are aware of it but I hope they've got it ingrained That they are now not allowed to jump on a pile for a fumble or pull someone off a pile for a fumble. Both of those will get you will be penalized. That might be a hard one for them to resist since they've just automatically done it so long. What was coached was if you thought the other team had the ball coaches used to say pile on and try to get it. But if you think we have the ball pull people off so the refs can see that we have the ball and not let the opposing team get it. Where did you see that they will be penalized for jumping on the pile for a fumble? The only change I can find is related to pushing or pulling players off of the pile, which will result in an automatic unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Not trying to argue but I would like to see where it states they will now be penalized for both with this change. Here is a link to the change for pulling/pushing a player off of the pile http://www.ncaa.com/news/football/article/2015-08-25/ncaa-football-need-know-rules-changes-2015-season
  7. It would be nice to see a replay of this throwback gem next week (courtesy of ball4121) when we play FAMU again. http://www.thebullspen.com/topic/79825-the-bj-daniels-get-off-me-play/
  8. http://collegiategolf.com/news/2015-division-i-ping-first-team-all-americans-announced-2192.html BRADENTON, Fla. – PING First-Team All-America honorees for Division I have been announced by the GCAA. First-Team All-Americans included Bryson Dechambeau of SMU, New Mexico’s Gavin Green, Beau Hossler of Texas, Georgia’s Lee McCoy, Maverick McNealy of Stanford, Washington’s Cheng-Tsung Pan, Arizona State’s Jon Rahm and Max Rottluff, Georgia Tech’s Ollie Schniederjans, Robby Shelton of Alabama and Vanderbilt’s Hunter Stewart. Division I PING First-Team All-Americans Bryson Dechambeau, SMU Gavin Green, New Mexico Beau Hossler, Texas Lee McCoy, Georgia Maverick McNealy, Stanford Cheng-Tsung Pan, Washington Jon Rahm, Arizona State Max Rottluff, Arizona State Ollie Schniederjans, Georgia Tech Robby Shelton, Alabama Hunter Stewart, Vanderbilt
  9. According to the AAC website it will be in Clearwater from 5/21 through 5/25 this year. http://theamerican.org/sports/2013/6/22/MBB_0622130547.aspx
  10. I'm not going to be able to make the game this Friday. My two season tickets are available in 108, row B for the game vs. Stetson. Asking $40 for the pair.
  11. Are you looking for additional season tickets or extra tickets to certain games? I have two season tickets in 108 and might not make it to all of the games this year.
  12. Just got my ticket book for the SW flight to Flint on 9/6. FYI for anyone that hasn't purchased airline tickets - my ticket was only $171.50 round trip coming back on 9/9. The TPA to FNT flight is only $75 through tomorrow. Is it September yet?? Go Bulls!
  13. Beware, Spirit may look cheap for the flight, but they nickel and dime you for EVERYTHING else (checked and carryon baggage, etc.) +1 on that.
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