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  1. Completely valid point. FBS wins at USF - Strong 18, Holtz 13, Scott 0. How many years will it take Scott to not be last on this list?...if he lasts that long.
  2. Yeah, we are terrible, but so are ECU, Tulsa, Navy and Temple. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about the future of the AAC.
  3. I am not optimistic about our team in any way, shape or form but saying that ECU and Tulsa are better than us or would kick our asses at this point makes no sense. ECU got handled by App St. and lost to a terrible South Carolina team and Tulsa lost to an FCS team and a terrible OK St team. 0-2 is 0-2 but we have played way more talented teams than they have.
  4. Boone, NC doesn't really fit the profile, great place to visit though.
  5. East Division: USF, ECU, Temple, Navy, Memphis, Tulane West Division: Boise, CSU, AF, SDSU, SMU, Tulsa I don't completely hate it.
  6. We might be able to keep it at $7M if we add Boise, Colo St, Air Force and UNLV or SDSU. I can't see any of the CUSA or Sun Belt teams moving the needle at all or even keeping it where it is.
  7. If this is even a close game it will probably be our only win this year. Needs to be a 30+ point win.
  8. Yeah, if we win 3 games this year and Houston, Cincy and UCF pay extra and get outta dodge early and aren't on the schedule next year then we better win at least 6 games or Scott has to go.
  9. McClain and Fortin are night and day. I question Scott's intelligence simply for playing Fortin at all.
  10. Fortin will not be successful because he never wants to run the ball. He is not a great runner but he has to keep the defense honest.
  11. Personally, if we build an OCS, I don't care what conference we play in. We can stay in the AAC forever and I'll be fine with it. Playing in RJS makes good USF football not as good, and it makes bad USF football pointless. I would rather watch us play Tulsa on campus than Kansas St. in RJS.
  12. I think it is pretty ironic that the person on this board that spews the most lunacy is a Gator...
  13. If USA can build that stadium then we could certainly build a slightly larger one for around $100M. If the USF admin thinks they need a stadium that is larger than 35,000 seats, they are kidding themselves.
  14. We will never be relevant again. At least those of us that were there for the Leavitt years will have those memories. I feel sorry for the newer fans and more recent students that will only have memories that are of the garbage we deal with now.
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