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  1. If that was on hand, I wouldn’t be going to a football game.
  2. Goin to the game in an RV tomorrow and was looking for a little advice. Good lot? How early should we show up? Any other tips. Been to a ton of games but first time bringing an RV. Thanks in advance.
  3. DHUSF04

    Blake Barnett

    I’ve been screaming this for weeks. If you are having problems blocking, run plays to counter that! We have an outstanding TE that is grossly underutilized and NO presence in the middle of the field. I think my main issue with the offense is a total lack of creativity. How many trick plays have we run? Can you, from your couch, predict our next play?......because opposing DCs sure as hell can. It’s painful to watch our talent be squandered. The #1 job coaches have is to put the players in a position to succeed and I simply don’t see that. PS might be time to work on limiting the dozen or so dropped passes.....just a thought.
  4. DHUSF04

    Flowers is the Starter

    Question that probably doesn't belong here.....any word on the waver situation for AW?
  5. I am typically the type to not respond to things of this nature. However, today I did send an email to the station, stating my displeasure. It's one thing to speak the truth but entirely different to go out of your way to bash someone. I have never heard a positive word out of boogers mouth.....how bout - the viewership simply isn't there yet however, they are working hard to get there. Great performance by the freshman back, reason alone to show up and support the bulls. I did get a response to my email within 30 minutes.
  6. Could not get it to play. Hit download and it opened a window and played (firefox). It did however cut off short.