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  1. Not wrong. They need to do better also. Like trying to tackle would be a good start.
  2. Please tell me how amazing we did yet again tonight!
  3. You can choose to be a **** or you can choose to participate in the discussion. Being a **** does not provide anything, so ignore the discussion. Even if 80% of our first plays and 90% of our plays following a long gain are a HB run up the middle (I guess thats very much different from a HB dive) the point is still true. Our offense moves the ball better when we spread the other team out first; however, we do not recognize this and continue to do things that do not work. Th inside run only works after we start throwing the ball in an attempt to climb out of the whole we got ourselves into with a poor offense. It is EXACTLY what happened this weekend. We got down early because the offense was running up the middle and couldn't move the football. After we started throwing the ball we started scoring points (see the 2nd quarter). this opened up the inside run that further helped the offense (see 2nd-3rd quarter). Gilbert then fell back in love with the inside run and started spreading the ball out less and we couldn't move the football (see 4th quarter). Then we get behind again and we have to press the ball to try and come back (this time we couldn't because we were playing a good team). Also, people point to our yard per carry average and high rushing totals as to why the offense is fine. If you take out the few breakaway runs we have a low ypc average, those are called outliers in statistics because they skew the actual data.
  4. We get high rushing yards because of a few long runs. That does not help the defense stay off the field. The majority of our inside runs are for little to no yards. They lead to many quick series that put the gassed defense back on the field. Seeing as I have a job, I do not have the time to scout USF and their play calling. However, I am smart enough to realize that this offense is not effective the MAJORITY of the time because of play calling. Alabama doesn't have to adjust what they do because they can run 5 star athlete after 5 star athlete out onto the field. They can out talent nearly every team in the country. So that is an apples to oranges comparison. We are not at the same level that Alabama is so coaching is even more important here.
  5. To the best of my knowledge, we have ran a HB dive on the first play of every game so far this season. Maybe Gilbert is just setting up UCF for that play action pass at the end of the season to start the game and throw a TD. We can only hope...
  6. Through my coaching experience I have found that it equally important, if not more important, to scout my own players and play calling tendencies as it is to scout the other teams. It shows me if there are tendencies in my pitch selection or offensive decisions that the other teams may notice and be able to game plan for. I know for sure that we are not doing this as an offensive coaching staff and it doesn't appear that it is being done on the defensive side of the ball either. What I notice on offense, as a casual fan, is that the offense moves the football and is efficient when we spread the defense out throwing quick routes and WR screens. This then opens up the inside run. However, Coach Gilbert continues to call the game in the reverse of this. He tries to use the inside run to open up the passing game, then when the passing game opens the inside run, we go back to running it until it doesn't work any more again. This is why we fall behind every game (offense doesn't do anything early because we run the HB dive 80% of the time), then come back (we start passing because we are behind), and then either fight to the finish or lose like Saturday (because the passing game opened the inside run and Gilbert falls back in love with it until it doesn't work anymore again). It seems so obvious to me and I assume the majority of the fan base. It baffles me how a Coach of Strongs ability and history does not notice this. We talk about the players being young and inexperienced. However, this coaching staff is not young or inexperienced. I could understand if the players were making mistakes but I can not accept mistakes from a coaching staff that is experienced and should be doing a better job of getting its players ready. Injuries and inexperience are not excuses for poor coaching.
  7. Maybe even before that. Why did we need so many WRs? The fact that he only tried to take a few speaks volumes. In my opinion of course...
  8. Maybe Strong wants his players to announce on signing day. It would draw attention to the class if he got a lot of signing day flips.
  9. I hope he isn't trying to oversell a weak class. The current staff wasn't left much to work with and WT has poached the top, probably because he half ass recruited the entire year anyway.
  10. King seems to be excited about the class. Or at least he is acting that way on Twitter. Time will tell but WT left this class in serious trouble. I have faith but it looks weak right now. We will be fine moving forward regardless of this class.
  11. Thats why I put it in there. LOL I could care less about what he does or where he goes. But when recruiting you have to consider the personality as much as the talent. The talent may be there but I am not sure about the personality. Of course, I dont know him so thats a decision CCS has to make.
  12. No, but I also wouldn't be dragging a friend with me saying "I will only work for you if this person does also." He started playing the game so it says something about him if he doesn't finish. In my opinion, that speaks volumes. As WT always said, I want kids that want to be here.
  13. Judson, Burch and Hogan seemed to be a package deal Judson and Burch seem to be all about Oregon now but where does that leave their boy Hogan? From an outsiders perspective they sure seemed to leave him out to dry in this situation. Not sure if thats the teammates I want around here....
  14. I have lived in Land O'Lakes by Sanders for the past month. I have only seen it once. When we try to walk at the new park they try to carry you away. It is a shame because the new park is really nice...
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