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  1. SaltyBulls

    Injured Memphis Player

    Here comes the Waaambulance....
  2. SaltyBulls

    Any Pasco County Bulls

    I have lived in Land O'Lakes by Sanders for the past month. I have only seen it once. When we try to walk at the new park they try to carry you away. It is a shame because the new park is really nice...
  3. SaltyBulls

    Any Pasco County Bulls

    Are you currently on the board? This was the worst year in a long time and you never see the spray truck.
  4. SaltyBulls

    Tyre McCants

    I believe this is his Twitter. Hopefully it is just frustration and the coaches can help him get his mind right. @Yung_Ocho8: Rehab really make you think about coming back bruh! I be having mixed feelings and all! 🙇💭
  5. SaltyBulls

    Is Flower's Blossoming?

    I am so glad that a few posters hijacked a perfectly good thread so they could argue about something meaningless. Also, some of you jump to an opinion way to quick. The kid is young and the system is new to all of them. During the scrimmage you have the team split in half. How can any of you tell anything? My question is this, when did you resign from Alabama?
  6. SaltyBulls

    Um, this might be an issue tonight...

    I am going. I am not taking a poncho. I am not leaving my seat.
  7. SaltyBulls

    USAToday has us ranked number 15!!

    I sure wish some of these "reporters" would actually do some research. I had no problem with "The Team" but to base the whole uniform redesign on that? What an idiot!
  8. Stupid people post stupid threads!
  9. SaltyBulls


    She has family that has graduated from Wisconsin that said they would get our tickets. I might have to decline that and get tickets in the green section. I just thought it would be interesting to see what kind of packages the school offered. This is the first real away game I will go to.
  10. SaltyBulls


    Seems simple enough. Thanks for the info.... Probably should have been the first place I visited.
  11. SaltyBulls


    My wife is making me miss the home opener again this year. However, she is going to make it up to me by going to the Wisconsin game. Anybody have some information on tickets or maybe a promotional package USF does for alumni and season ticket holders that go to away games like this?
  12. Bench press depends on the position. Oline and Dline needs to have that punch that comes with a strong upper body.
  13. SaltyBulls

    No mention of Eveld

    The only thing injured is his ability to play QB. We need to go with Mike White and give this team a chance to win games this year. It sure seemed like Bench was more injured on the sideline then a few days/weeks out judging by his reaction to the doctors.
  14. SaltyBulls

    Bench update?

    Even if Eveld is healthy I would rather see Mike White on the field.
  15. SaltyBulls

    Taggart on the hot seat?

    This is what I do not understand and what pisses me off. When we are loosing these games I am furious that it is happen and it makes me sick to my stomach to watch. But to see the players just walking around on the sideline or sitting there like they do not give a crap makes my blood boil. This program used to have pride.