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  1. I wish Willie nothing but the best in Oregon and his future coaching jobs but the guy almost got fired here and on his last attempt to save his job he changed the offense completely and that when he realized what he should have been doing all along. I am sorry but if he was that great of a coach why didn't he run the speed up offense the first 2.5 years he was here. If FSU hires him they will be in a lot of trouble for the next few years.
  2. Auggie is one of the best players we have ever had at USF. The UCF game was not for his strengths so coach took him out but one game will not define the great years he has had with us. We need more leaders like him. GO BULLS !!!
  3. If anyone has tickets that they plan on not using or selling for the Cincy game please let me know. I need 5 extra tickets. GO BULLS !!!
  4. I believe one important factor in this game will be how fresh or beat up the teams come into the game on 11/24/2017. UCF does not have a single bye week before our game while we just had one and we have one more after the UCONN game. Plus we get two extra days of rest before our UCF game since we play on Thursday while UCF plays on a Saturday. I would not be surprised to see UCF's depth be really challenged before they play us. GO BULLS !!!
  5. Yesterday it really showed that the depth chart does not mean anything. Our first string receivers did not show anything. MVS had a couple of catches but other then that I don't know that any other starting WRs had any catches. I agree with FatDaddyBull that Barr should be used for jet sweeps and not MVS but that guy is not a reliable pass catcher. I remember the first game last year and it was not pretty and the competition was even worse so we will just take this W and hopefully learn from it before we get to UConn. GO BULLS !!!
  6. Football practice before the first game
  7. I live in Pinellas county and I went to Capogna's a couple of times last year. The atmosphere was good but it was very difficult to see the TV's so half of our table was not even able to watch the game. I was wondering what are the best watch parties for football away games? I don't mind driving to Tampa if there are good watch parties there. I used to live in Tampa and there used too be a good watch party at Lee Roy Selmon's by international mall but not sure if that is still going on. GO BULLS !!!
  8. Does anybody know if any of the fall practices will be open to the public? Thanks, GO BULLS !!!
  9. Welcome Pete.This guy is a big time USF Fan and has been for years.
  10. Hello Bulls Fans, Unfortunately due to some family obligations I will not be able to attend tonight game. I have 5 tickets in section 215 that I am willing to give away for free to USF Fans. I will at International mall today at 5:45 pm and afterwards if somebody is interested in picking them up. I would like to give them only to USF fans please. GO BULLS !!!
  11. Hello Bulls Fans, Unfortunately due to some family obligations I will not be able to make it to the game tomorrow night. Can anyone tell me an application or website where I can watch the game on? GO BULLS !!!
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