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  1. KevinUSF00

    USF Alumni - Action Needed!

    A CALL FOR FAIRNESS FOR USF STUDENTS, FACULTY AND THE TAMPA BAY REGION! At the last minute, the legislature is planning to make a change -- taking away millions of dollars of funding for USF meeting Preeminent University metrics. This late change excludes SOLELY the University of South Florida from qualifying for preeminence AFTER the Board of Governors had certified USF met the necessary criteria that had been in the proposed language since January. This change also will badly hurt our downtown Tampa medical school and heart institute as well as other USF Colleges. Please help by contacting your Florida legislators immediately to request fixing this when they return to Tallahassee on Sunday. TAKE ACTION: http://capwiz.com/usfalumni/issues/alert/?alertid=77194626&PROCESS=Take+Action&csid=896701
  2. You know, I thought that Mack might not come back after he suffered the injury vs Towson. He was hit hard and fumbled. He ended up going through concussion protocol. I believe that was the 2nd "concussion" that he might have received during his time here. Or at the very least, the second hard shoulder injury. I think that there might have been NFL concerns if he would have taken another concussion during his senior year. Good for him. I'm glad that he got paid. He earned it.
  3. Is this the worst USF schedule since 2001?
  4. This is not unlike the years that Holtz and Taggart joined us in December. If you recall, Holtz was able to flip Terrance Mitchell from FSU. Taggart didn't close huge, but he laid the foundation for the very strong 2014 class at that time. It will be very interesting to see how Strong finishes. Keeping King will help in the Bay area and Corey Bell should pay dividends in South Florida. While the other members of the staff have some prior ties to Florida, it's difficult to know if any have current relationships with the class of 2017 in Florida and I'm not certain how many recruits from the state of Texas are going to be willing to consider USF. But I will say this, I think that we were on track for USF to have it's lowest rated class in the Taggart era. I'm not sure why. We had the best season ever and didn't have a lot of staff turnover, but there didn't seem to be a lot of buzz. There is increased buzz now and it appears that we will have a lot of high 3 and low 4 star recruits coming in for visits. I'm confident that this class will finish stronger with Strong than we would have with Taggart.
  5. Can a mod please burn this thread? Thank you.
  6. 1) Navy2) 55-313) Mack4) Adams5) 451 Bulls lead 27-24 at the half and the second half goes very badly. Go Bulls!
  7. KevinUSF00

    Beat Temple = AAC East Title

    I watched the Memphis/Temple game and don't think either team has the speed on defense to keep up with us. And I don't see either defense as any better than UConn's. But they both have better offenses than UConn. As such, I could see this one being close, but I would take USF by 10. The Memphis and Navy games worry me much more. But we have to win this one.
  8. KevinUSF00

    Opposing gameplan

    FSU did that too. The difference between FSU and ECU is that FSU had the athletes to slow down our run game, bubble screens, and jet sweeps. ECU couldn't do that. We really just shot ourselves in the foot with penalties, turnovers, and mental errors. UConn shouldn't be able to keep up with our speed even if they try to sit back. We should eat them up with jet sweeps and bubble screens if they play off as we should be able to make them miss in space.
  9. KevinUSF00

    UCONN Opening Line -17

    UConn has a way of bringing the suck out of every opponent they play, especially us. That said, they just don't have the athletes to keep up with us on defense. I don't see them stopping Flowers, Mack, Johnson, and Adams on the run, jet sweep, and bubble screen game. Those plays that FSU snuffed out because they had the athletes, UConn just can't do all game. I do think they can score on us as well and will likely try to control the clock with 15 play drives. But I'm not sure they can punch it in the end zone enough to beat us. I've got USF 35-24.
  10. KevinUSF00

    Cecil Cherry

    He played FB and MLB in HS. If you check his HUDL highlights, you'll see him play FB from about the 1:30 mark onwards. http://www.hudl.com/video/3/1629051/5721ae5664e96b6380e3e08a
  11. KevinUSF00

    USF is Mini-Louisville

    I'm not certain that Louisville or Houston are better than USF. After seeing Houston last night, I think that game is certainly winnable. And I'd take our offensive players and depth over both Louisville AND Houston right now. The question is whether our defense is better than either?
  12. KevinUSF00

    SMU QB Davis out for season

    That's a big blow to SMU. Tough break for Davis who is very talented and a star on that offense.
  13. Projected Big 12 Expansion Results.....
  14. At this point, I just hope we can beat FSU at home before this decision is made.