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  1. bullgrad10

    Quiz: USF vs ECU

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 90 seconds  
  2. Pretty sad when Big Slop is the leading vote getter.
  3. Mike McFarland? He was a 2nd team all conference 2 years in a row! Easy choice.
  4. bullgrad10

    Basketball Coaching Search

    I would be all for hiring McCall!
  5. Yeah that's his total yardage and Tds compared to just the other guys receiving stats only. His receiving stats aren't nearly as good as the other guys but it is his intangibles that make him so good.
  6. Well that just means Feliz is going to be getting even more PT as a true frosh and mcmurray will have to split time between the 1 and 2. Was hoping he could play alongside peters and use his scoring ability at the 2.
  7. bullgrad10

    Swanson gone?

    Per JK it was academics https://mobile.twitter.com/TBTimes_Bulls/status/639796113185341440
  8. Pretty sure he has already used his redshirt, so he will lose a year.
  9. bullgrad10

    Kendall Sawyer transfers out

    At least it is at probably our deepest position.
  10. bullgrad10

    USF Football preview

    Couldn't have picked a more recent photo to go in the background... Ketchel and Sims That has to be like 5 years old
  11. Our best player last year was an undersized 2. If he can put points on the board I don't care how tall he is.
  12. He's taking AP classes ... Bingo academically he's going into his junior year. Ummm.... They r joking around. His name is Troy Holston Jr.
  13. Anderson is a great example; Verdejo was a good role player. I'd also like to add Gransberry from LSU to the "my favorite basketball transfers" list. Jesse salters was a great transfer too. Mike mercer was a good role player his senior year on the NIT team.
  14. bullgrad10

    98.7 the Fan

    Station has been cancelled as of 3 pm today.
  15. Mark* He was joking by calling him Rex because that was Rex Ryan's boy.