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  1. This is the result of years of under investment. You “reap what you sow” and when things were good for us we chose to sow nothing. It’s only going to get worst with next years recruiting. Regarding recruiting, we will be competing for the higher end of FCS talent. We’ve drastically changed our value proposition from up and comer with the opportunity to slay giants to downward spiraling program with FCS level opponents. We need an MBA or a for-profit executive at the helm. These educators have proven to be incompetent. Look at what happened to the last guy when he got a little pressure. He folded like a cheap billfold.
  2. I think the real answer is USF has to put their money where is or be satisfied with the current talent level. Why would a kid go to a school that underinvests in athletics when there are so many options? Imagine if you had the option of USF or UCF. The only reason you would even remotely consider USF would be because of increased playing time. Why would you get increased playing time? UCF has better players at your position.
  3. Clearly you didn’t do enough positive thinking. Looks like we are getting the **** kicked out of us like everyone but you predicted.
  4. Whatever man. Stay delusional. I saw your post in the other thread about how you think USF is going to spank UF this weekend. I’m not sure what you are smoking but it is severely impacting your relationship with reality.
  5. 1. USF winning the national title 2 seasons from now 2. Think it and it is true BS 3. The self-help book you are trying to push on us to share this “enlightenment” you’ve uncovered. It’s all delusional crap. Your post reminds me of talking to all those brainwashed people after “The Secret” came out. Hope that’s clear.
  6. I don’t post often but I had to log in to comment on this post. It’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever read here. It’s a blatant denial of reality. You need to find someone nearby and ask them to shake you. Literally as hard as they can in hopes that’s some semblance of sense makes its way into your body.
  7. It seems the only vote alumni has is with their wallet. Why would we give that up? I and apparently everyone else who is not spending money on this s. show are saying something very clear that seems to get ignored every year.
  8. If they fired Skip Holtz. Just kidding.. But in all seriousness an OCS fund. I would definitely spring for the donor brick with my name on it.
  9. Actually, if he's already talked to all our committed recruits... this is a smart move. Firing them during the dead period would give the recruits time to think and have their minds wander without getting any input from CWT... +1
  10. Some of the other contracts are worded so that if he finds a job we don't have to continue the 500K a year. They also require that he makes reasonable attempts to find employment. Anyone know if this is true for Skipper?
  11. Who is going to insure revenues come into the program while you guys are singing Kum bay yah talking about how great a guy Holtz is? If he was such a great guy he would have interviewed qualified people for the DC job instead of looking out for his friend who was without a job
  12. I'm there every week. It's not recorded clapping. It's real. Forgive me if this is too personal but do you clap for Holtz when you are there?
  13. I agree, that question was over the top and inappropriate but that is not the interesting part. Why post such a question in on your FB when you know 99% of it will be steaming hot anger over what a piss poor job your coach is doing? Especially since every week the comments are similar? Maybe they are in denial?
  14. For the last couple of weeks on the day of the Skip Holtz radio show, USF Athletics creates a Facebook post on their page asking for users to submit questions to be asked at the radio show. This week 99% of questions related to Holtz's resignation or how he destroyed the program. One user went as far as asking something to the effect of how do you sleep at night when all of USF hates you? Anyway less than 2 hours into this thing they deleted the entire post (question and comments).
  15. I would send Doug a Christmas Card with the phrase "Sorry I ever doubted you".
  16. So let me get this right. USF, CINCY, UCONN, and UL are the only teams left in this dumpster fire of a conference? And one of the 4 remaining teams (not us) will more than likely announce their departure this week? To fill the gaps we are pulling mid-majors from C.USA, the WAC, and the MAC. We also have a football coach with a terrible record who can most politely be described as a bumbling idiot and an AD who keeps asking the alumni for more money but won't take any tough questions until after the season is over. Is this the current situation?
  17. If I was Judy the only way he stays is if he is instrumental in getting us into the Big XII or ACC. But then again I'm not Judy.
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