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  1. So I get that we all get emotionally invested in this team but you have to really stretch to call them UF homers. Have you ever checked Matt's mentions after a UF loss? They put our fans' temper tantrums to shame. I get it. You're passionate. You love the Bulls just like I do. I want them to be ranked because it makes me feel good to say that my team is one of the best. But it takes some pretty warped thinking to jump to the conclusion that a local reporter would intentionally leave a local team off the rankings to somehow support another in-state school in some way. That doesn't even make sense. Whether or not Matt Baker ranks USF or not has ZERO effect on the Florida Gators. It's not like there is a cap to the number of ranked Florida schools on a ballot. Let's just take care of business and the rankings will take care of themselves. Keep the passion, forget the conspiracy theories. Go Bulls!
  2. Joey Knight is the USF beat writer not Matt Baker. Matt Baker is indeed an AP voter though. Also, I've met both Joey and Matt and both are great guys. It's cool to want USF to be ranked, I do too, but this take is tired and silly.
  3. We are in the middle of the season with a coaching staff that until 2 weeks ago was fighting for their jobs. Recruiting will pick up after Thanksgiving.
  4. He is a huge kid and he moves around pretty well for a guy his size. I saw him once last year and you can tell there's a lot of potential there but, you always wonder with Pasco/Hernando County kids if the step up in competition at the D-1 level is going to take them a while to adjust to. Not to say there aren't good teams and players in Pasco/Hernando but, the size/speed combo is more rare than in the bigger schools and districts. Anyway, I would love to see him in Green and Gold.
  5. The more I read about this guy the more I'm intrigued. Is Quinn a major recruiter for UF?
  6. I distinctly remember in the Auburn game in '07 the announcer made a point that it was amazing that USF had more overtime wins than Auburn because Auburn had been playing football for 80 years longer! Nevermind that they had both played the same amount of seasons with the overtime rule. Dumb announcers. :nope
  7. Interesting. I could have swore I was at a game during the Altron/BB/Chonsey/Ced Smith era where we beat FSU at home when they were ranked. Huh, maybe not.
  8. I ordered my tix a week and a half ago and still no sign of them either. >
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