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  1. Im partial to them being West Coast road warriors and heading to Sacramento for the first weekend and LA for the second weekend. I also noticed the Spokane games are hosted by University of Idaho (a couple hour drive south of Spokane), presumably so Gonzaga can play there in Rounds 1 and 2, maybe FGCU should host the next time there are tourney games in Tampa...
  2. We recently received a commit from our highest ever rated player. Not saying that was the reason why but I'd say that it along with CBG aren't hurting us on the trail. This program is trending in the right direction.
  3. Hope he gets a lot of touches, I don't exactly need a big night from Chubb in the keeper league....
  4. Pretty sure any transfer you take at this point won't be eligible until next year, the portal isn't some NFL trade where the player is eligible the next game. There is no point in working the portal actively until after the season. I'm not saying we should just ignore it but its not the answer for this season. You also do realize some of our worst players have historically been transfers as well right? For every Tmac I can name at least 2 AWs.
  5. McCloud needs to calm down. Sure he has pressure on every throw but some of these are make able. Looks like first game jitters.
  6. Fair enough, was hoping to find a few more. I did, they were from the 80s.
  7. Had to include full game video. It was the second link.
  8. Here is the 2018 Championship Game for starters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItKW0oe28f4 Edit: Intermittent skimming lead me to a Read Option at 34 minutes in, coincidentally this was also the first play I watched of the game
  9. I am second in command only to my owner at my company, if my owner wants me to send a specific employee to a job I'm sending that specific employee to that job. This of course is the case whether I agree with my owner's decision or not. I assume this is also the dynamic with CCS and KB, at the end of the day he needs to do what will make his boss happy even if he does not agree with the decision.
  10. You didn't get the memo? A QB has to rush for more yards than Barry Sanders before he can be considered Dual Threat.
  11. Vegas Insiders shows the Opening line as PK -10(vig) so maybe that's where the confusion comes from? ****, would have loved to get in as a PK(had to have been a typo), line is definitely-24.5.
  12. With the praise KB was giving McCloud over the summer I think that Jordan is his guy but Chuck made him start Blake. This offense was made for McCloud.
  13. Hold up, I was repeatedly told last week that our offensive problems were everyone but Barnetts fault. What is this blasphemy of which you speak.
  14. And yet Blake got replaced after a couple of series in his only start (playing time) at Alabama.
  15. Dont even care he didn't get the first. Nice play from McCloud.
  16. Look at Shaun King saying "**** it" to being a RB coach and coaching up McCloud.
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