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  1. Way to early to bet this one and 10 points isn't where this should be. I see the line growing between now and opening night, if it gets over 14 I'll bite. If it goes the other direction and creeps down to 6.5 for some reason I'll probably bet Wisky tbh. Anything between that is a coming flip. Hope we win but I'd put us losing by 1 to 2 TDs as the likeliest possibility (I suppose thus the 10 point line).
  2. Will be nice to be able to catch the ladies locally. If anyone is making the trip let em know and I can figure out a place we can maybe do a TBP get together close to the Strip or in Downtown LV as I'm assuming that's where the bulk of people making the trip will be staying. Don't cheap out and stay at one of the few hotels across from UNLV, while the Embassy Suites and Hyatt across Swenson from the arena are nice enough the neighborhood puts Suitcase City to shame.
  3. Too bad. I was really looking forward to driving up to see him play again.
  4. People still read the **** Sherwin and co write?
  5. Don't apologize for that call.... Considering we lost the last SB we were in to the Pats and Spygate this just feels right.
  6. Already got my tickets for March 16th to drive up to SLC and see him play. Will be even better if he's starting by then.
  7. Wait BMS is on Netflix? I haven't watched that show since I binged it again before the movie came out... Looks like I know what I'm doing this weekend until the Rams game starts on Sunday...
  8. Wait, don't we drop Houston fro. The schedule this year? Or is that after next season. CCG aside Marquell probably wont even be at UH when we play them again. Happy for coach Black regardless.
  9. I'll give you Foot, but others like Ambien Knight and the such, meh not so much.... Foot's good people regardless of university affiliation.
  10. One of the Kerwin Bell OC threads...
  11. RBs have a very short shelf life in the NFL. If he feels he will be drafted than he should probably do what's best for him as he can always go back to school. Hope hes closer to Mack than Darrell Scott. I think he ends up staying but if he goes I wish him nothing but the best.
  12. Gotcha, I just assumed Josh since he is still very much involved with Noles 24/7 and such. Maybe she broke it from a source in Valdosta?
  13. Josh lives in St. Pete. Pretty sure he's only in Tally a handful of days a year...
  14. In all fairness if the kid had been in better shape these workouts wouldn't have caused him rhabdo. Not saying Tags S&T coach(forget his name and not reading the article since I felt it was overdramatasized when it happened) should have noticed but these are workouts CWT ran at WKU, USF and now FSU and only a couple players ever got this condition? Hard for me to blame the coaches too much in this.
  15. Dead period ends tomorrow and the contact period starts Friday. If we don't have an OC by then we'll be at a big recruiting disadvantage. Chuck isn't going to let that happen.
  16. Wait, I thought since Gilbert left **** on Burke season was open on TBP. I retract my previous statement I suppose. I generally dont have much ill to say about the coaching staff but figured I'd hop aboard one of those trains...
  17. Seems high. Won a couple hundred on Tulsa but 10 seemed high, but I haven't watched as much as I should have so far this year. I'll have to check the O/U qhen its available on my app tomorrow morning...
  18. Makes sense with the Dead period ending on the 10th. Tomorrow always seemed like the latest date possible that we would find out. Can we put him at TEs instead?
  19. Glad to have him back. Not a bad choice of degrees if I do say so my self.
  20. Not out here either, as far as I've ever noticed it was a strictly Florida thing
  21. Is it a Winn-Dixie or Sweetbay on BBD and Fowler? He can even grab some two-for-ones at Chillis before he heads home...
  22. Bull94. Next time you're in Vegas let me know. Not only will I drive you to the dispensary but your first blunt is on me....
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