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  1. Everyone forgets that Clemson have not always been the world beaters they are today. In fact, they came pretty **** close from firing Dabo and not to mention we beat them in a bowl game. Clemson went through a major change to become what they are today and CJS was part of that process. To say that he was ALWAYS part of a strong program (Clemson was pretty middle-of-road 7-6, 8-5 kind of team) is not true.
  2. Florida is a football state. No one cared about the basketball team at all when I went to USF (didn't matter where they played) but we wished the football team was good. I mean even UF has trouble getting students to go to the basketball games unless they're playing Kentucky but meanwhile the Swamp is sold out for FAU. I don't think you can compare the potential excitement/desire of students wanting to go to a college basketball game than that of a college football game on campus in our state.
  3. If Timmy learns to slide and not get knocked out every other play, we cover. If he gets knocked out of the game we get blown out.
  4. Imagine thinking you're so special you deserve a whole thread just for yourself on an online message board.
  5. You honestly have nothing better to do? Go read a book or go workout. This is sad.
  6. Dangit smazza you just gave the naysayers a thread to go off on
  7. Awesome video. Got me fired up for FAMU, let's hope we come out firing (and hope McClain starts). Let's get it coach.
  8. I remember E.T. calling in local radio the day Leavitt got fired… ”I’ve seen Jim Leavitt walk on water.” 😂
  9. Re-watching the UF game and that first drive is pinnacle Cade Fortin. Tumbling under pressure and looking frustratingly awful. Timmy McClain really is much better than him.
  10. Cade Fortin is starting. Sources: my gut.
  11. And addressing OP, it would have to be something crazy like College Gameday coming to Tampa or something. Seeing how the best possible teams to draw that spectacle or interest have left us, then it would literary have to be either an undefeated and highly ranked SMU or Memphis coming to town midway through the season to face an undefeated and ranked USF. In other words, nah it’s impossible. Where’s that OCS at?
  12. UF does this with the Swamp which REALLY surprises me given all possible variables involved. Anyone can come in an out during the week and run stadiums or chill out in the stands. Couldn’t believe it when I came to visit the first time.
  13. It's almost mind boggling. Must be some kind of masochist. @Gatorbull325
  14. THIS is the best intro video of them all: If that doesn't get you fired up then forget about it.
  15. I happen to know from sources within the program that USF will have an OCS sometime within the next millennia. Stay tuned!
  16. Yeah, like having rich alums that can just pay off your ranking like FSU does.
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