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  1. We’ll probably win 3 more games this year and call it a season. But why are we so bad? Can someone tell me? I mean, we’re a big (population/market) school in Florida. The AAC should be cake for us. Yet we suck. I really don’t understand.
  2. Oh **** THE 247 coordinator of the year?! How could overlook such prestige? I wonder if it matched the pink slip he got from Oklahoma?
  3. The saddest part is that Heupel is an average OC at best, he was straight up fired by Oklahoma. But you know what is making him so successful at UCF? He kept what was working heavily for Frost and didn't change a thing offensively. If only Charlie had kept the GCO, possibly TJ Weist as offensive coordinator, we would still be as competitive as we were under Taggart. But no, he had to come in and mess everything up because he thought we "were scoring too fast" <-- direct quote - what a joke. Can we please please please hire someone who hasn't had the game of football pass them by like it obviously has for Charlie?
  4. They’ve built a hell of a program over there in Oviedo.
  5. I kind of feel bad for BB. He has like a wife and kid to feed, but yeah, he just lost his starting job. McCloud is the guy.
  6. THAT’S ALL YOU HAD TO DO BARNETT. Was that so hard?! In McCloud I trust.
  7. We literary started this drive with almost a minute to play, and then Charlie let the clock run down.
  8. Can’t believe we almost took 3 timeouts to the locker room. Burn it all to the ground at this point.
  9. Charlie needs to realize if he doesn’t win this game he might not have a job tomorrow. He’s gotta bring in McCloud and hope for the best. He needs to do SOMETHING.
  10. Dude our defense is good. ANYONE would get tired with this offense keeping you on the field.
  11. David Yost or bust! https://texastech.com/coaches.aspx?rc=2256 Whatever team hires him as HC is going to land a solid offensive guru who players like and relate to.
  12. The funny thing about the fake injury incident was watching Strong motion frantically to NOT fall down as they were about inexplicably punt the ball away, and then, it was too late. Changed their minds —> first down. Freaking joke coaching job.
  13. I just rewatched the game with a clear head as well. Blaming Barnett is not the solution. Had his receivers actually caught the ball that hit them in their hands we would've crossed midfield within the first offensive series. The receivers are a wayyyyy bigger issue than Barnett is and its not even close.
  14. Willie T might be available after this game.
  15. You need to pick one to coach one game. Who do you pick?
  16. Was quoting the first post necessary lol?
  17. Why does it constantly seem like USF never has its **** together and we are always looking to backtrack our mistakes nonstop forever?
  18. Seems like most of you are predicting a disappointing 6-6 or 7-5 record. My question to y'all is then, does CCS keep his job if he do end up going .500? I mean, those ARE the expectations right?
  19. Ohh they're playing the Miami Hurricanes, got it.
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