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  1. zarnozdabull

    UCF ticket sales

    Have we even ever have had a rival?
  2. Can't believe the spread is only -32 against a 1-5 UCONN team. No respect.
  3. zarnozdabull

    Idea for a better start

    Even going through old USF season guides from the 90's, CJL and Canales state the need to run a pro-style offense at USF. Although by the time Grothe was here, we had successfully switched to a spread style even though it was basically the same coaches. JUST RUN THE SPREAD AT USF.
  4. zarnozdabull

    Idea for a better start

    Dude this is dejavu with the failed pro-style Willie T was trying to run here his first couple of years. Then he had the realization that if you play a 2-minute offense, with Florida athletes from the opening kickoff on, you'll probably score more points and win more games. Let's hope Gilbert and Strong have a same revelation before our luck runs out, it's not that hard to figure out and its been winning us games.
  5. zarnozdabull

    Gilbert has to go

    Dude, we were running the ball down 14 with less than 8 minutes to go... Unbelievable that we won.
  6. zarnozdabull

    Gilbert has to go

    Is Coach Strong this blind to Gilbert’s ********? I refuse to believe so. Get him out of here CCS!
  7. zarnozdabull


    Best formation in football as long as you got the personnel (which I believe we do...at least in the AAC). you can audible to a run or pass based on what the defense shows. Hopefully our coaching is good enough to recognize the talent .
  8. zarnozdabull

    Blake Barnett

    Enough for a 6-0 start.
  9. Can please run a two minute offense from the opening kickoff on? I feel like that was the key to Willie T’s success.
  10. Barnett needs to realize he isnt QF. Stop trying to scramble!
  11. No one is denying that but, a 1-4 Tulsa tho? Inb4 karma bites me in the ass
  12. Can’t believe the line is -8 against a 1-4 Tulsa team. No respect.