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Just a quick note to remind you the USF Bulls Fan Fest is this Saturday, August 11th, from 1-4 p.m. at the on campus Yuengling Center.

This is your opportunity to meet the USF 2018-19 teams!

More information on board and calendar (address and RSVP).

Join the Stampede at the Yuengling Center!

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  1. zarnozdabull

    USF vs UF Continues

    I think this would be a better argument had UCF not gone winless under the same coach that they were BCS champs with (O'Leary). They weren't in any kind of transition phase, it was kind of unexplainable why they were so bad that year.
  2. I think the last two seasons have proven that winning isn't the total cure for attendance woes. We need an OCS, and we need it now.
  3. zarnozdabull

    Notice anything?

    Yeah, grilled steak and a shrimp bowl for $20 what a deal!
  4. zarnozdabull

    Gilbert Rumors

    Watching HB dives on 4th down during the Bowl game while having Q at QB was the most frustrating thing ever. ✌deuces Gilbert.
  5. zarnozdabull

    Happy Anniversary CCS

    As long as the recruiting doesn't drop off we'll be fine. Glad to have you Coach Strong!
  6. zarnozdabull

    Willie to FSU is official

    VERY VERY similar situation.
  7. The answer to your question is your own answer bud.
  8. zarnozdabull

    Willie to FSU is official

    Geeeeeez. Can't get out fast enough huh
  9. I think all the Scott desire comes from the USF faithful wanting so hard for a bull to come in and be our "Steve Spurrier-type" savior who will stay forever. But let's face it. He was awful last year. He's not the one.
  10. zarnozdabull

    Charlie Strong needs to go!

    Strong is a good recruiter and in a weak conference like the AAC where sheer talent outweighs XOs that is all we need. Taggart proved it Keep Charlie, hope he stays.
  11. zarnozdabull

    The ucf Experience

    Some douche USF fan got knocked out cold in the bathroom. Not a good look but he deserved it because he wouldnt stfu stupid trash talk. I walked out of there and just people I was just glad both UF and FSU are terrible this year and got a couple of high fives from UCF fans. I thought their fans were great.
  12. zarnozdabull

    CCS and Coaching Openings

    Just please just hire someone who runs a no-huddle with a good D-coordinator who isnt his bff. Thank you!