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  1. It wasn’t too long ago that teams would go up to UCONN on a Thursday night and lose repeatedly
  2. UCFKnight04

    UCF fans are special

    Hate when fans overreact
  3. UCFKnight04

    Record book - NCAA 2018

    Triple I love that you hate UCF so much that you are becoming a P5 apologist. This should be even funnier to look back on and read once UCF is in the P5. You can help defend our SOS against any of your conference mates who are having a nice run that year. #soonerthanlater
  4. UCFKnight04

    Record book - NCAA 2018

    No one is saying UCF would have went undefeated in the SEC. Would Clemson, Ohio State, Oregon etc? No one asked and no one cared.
  5. UCFKnight04

    Record book - NCAA 2018

    Cheers. Taking a moment to drink it all in
  6. UCFKnight04

    Seaon ticket sales USF v. UCF

    You need an OCS. Yes all the things we achieved helped but the underlying reason attached to those things is that with 45k capacity there’s a good chance that when the program has momentum you won’t be able to get a seat in the house from anywhere other than the secondary market. Neither of our schools can sell out RayJay against the teams in our conference. There’s no reason for the bandwagon to jump on if there are a ton of seats available day of even in a good year
  7. UCFKnight04


    Three out of the last 5 since being in the same tier conference since you brought it up
  8. If that’s true then you guys have a really nice 20-year hoops dynasty due! Cheers!
  9. Since your site was seemingly down during Game 3 - congrats on the series win!
  10. UCFKnight04

    The War on I4 begins this weekend

    The title of this thread is misleading. The War on I-4 ended last week
  11. UCFKnight04

    Orlando fail

    Try supporting a P6 team on your own campus
  12. UCFKnight04

    38 years

    Agreed. This is your signature sport and I truly wasn’t trying to diminish your success with my last post.
  13. UCFKnight04

    38 years

    (In Orlando) - we won last season in Tampa
  14. UCFKnight04

    38 years

    Gutsy win USF. Closing in on the War on I4 race