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  1. UCFKnight04

    A UCF Perspective

    We actually joined a BCS conference, went to a BCS bowl and won a BCS bowl game.
  2. Combined, McCants and Milton have won one AAC championship, two east divisions championships and a Peach Bowl!
  3. 1) UCF2) 35-153) Cronkrite4) McCants5) 330
  4. UCFKnight04

    Need Tickets for Friday

    I’ve got some extra in 137 if you don’t mind sitting among black and gold
  5. UCFKnight04

    Tonight, We Are All Bearcats!

    Hey guys - yes I’m posting here but that’s because I’m bored at another blowout win but don’t believe in leaving early. Anyway, we aren’t coming just for the win next week - that’s almost a given. We are coming for your record of scoring 30+ points a game which you awesomely stole from Oregon. But it’s time for us to take it. The good news is you can technically stop that from happening on Friday. Cool! Oh, and I heard the TV broadcast said something about this game being much better than playing in a pro stadium. Ouch.
  6. It’s also not the same as running the table in the Big12 so I guess I'd rather be Kansas because that somehow makes sense.
  7. To be fair you also destroyed the conference before letting us in
  8. UCFKnight04

    UCF Game Time?

    Takes more than intelligence to survive I-4 but we’ll be fine. Thanks!
  9. UCFKnight04

    UCF Game Time?

    Impressed how quickly your fans are buying tickets to this game even after those 2 losses. Way to answer the call, Bulls Nation! Going to be a high energy crowd at RayJay!
  10. UCFKnight04

    UCF Game Time?

    Except for the last 22 weeks
  11. UCFKnight04

    We will be back at the top..

    We were in the “real P6” for one season and went out and won the league and a Fiesta Bowl. That’s playing like it meant something. I’m in the UCF-USF package deal camp, personally, but your posts are insane. Objectively, the fact that you had limited success in football and even less in basketball while enjoying all of the advantages of BCS membership for a decade would make one question if you are truly the better fit. Doesn’t pass the eye test. Of course who knows. It may not matter. Rutgers.
  12. UCFKnight04

    USF MBB Undefeated

    0 quality losses
  13. UCFKnight04

    UCF Stadium Takeover

    Apis, don’t listen to them man. I go to UCF. The OCS thing was all a sham. We had better game days in the Citrus Bowl. Stay true to yourself brother.
  14. You just described the current bowl lineup. At least these are playing for something.
  15. Dude, it’s in the NCAA books. We should at least get to bring it up as much as you guys bring up being #2 once