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  1. This looks and sounds promising! http://www.bizjournals.com/tampabay/news/2015/07/14/usf-pumping-up-football-program-with-bulls-unite.html?ana=e_tbay_bn_newsalert&u=16256168504f34684252bed1d65fea&t=1436894812
  2. Hi guys, I don't post on here much but I've been reading TBP since I started classes at USF in 2008. I'm a hardcore follower of all things USF, and I really enjoy getting much of my USF knowledge from this site. With that said, I wanted to see if some of you would be interested in helping out my girlfriend's brother, who is a freshman at USFSP, swim 24 miles of Tampa Bay. He needs to raise some money by Feb. 28 in order to cover the entry fees and protective gear necessary, and needs the support of USF nation. Anything helps! Just watch this video and/or go to http://usfspconnect.com/connect-f
  3. Does anyone have the rendering of what the outside of the Sun Dome will look like that they showed at the game on Saturday? Can't seem to find it online anywhere.
  4. oddly enough though, the one game I've been able to go to this year was the UConn game. AKA the only game we've lost at home. We seem to win when I'm checking the score on my phone.
  5. I'm a student, but I have work on saturday from 9-2. Guess I'll be sick *cough cough* Bringing the gf and a few friends! Gonna be fun
  6. USFinsiderBillM Bill McGillis @cdecegli Ok...I promise our architects will have Sun Dome renderings BEFORE the building actually opens next spring
  7. I figured it would get more views and spark more discussion with the exclamation point! My bad lol. I realize they still may be fine-tuning some things, but most of the time projects are still being fine-tuned after renderings are out anyways, so please just give us the renderings!
  8. When will we see them? They should've been out months ago... what's taking so long?
  9. I hope we land him so we can add another fantastic name to our OL. Too bad that's not a QB name though, I can already hear the stadium chanting A-MI-CHIA! A-MI-CHIA!
  10. http://www.athlonsports.com/columns/5-burning-questions/2011-football-predictions-big-east Predicting who will finish 2nd in the Big East behind West Virginia... guess who?
  11. Not sure why, but my browser is showing that website as being malicious. Just a heads up.
  12. my favorite part: "Why would you laugh at the Big East and beg to be a part of us ? We had 11% of 64 teams, 18$ are in the sweet 16. lol." West Virginia math: 11/64= 11% 2/11= $18" LMAO.
  13. Well, I'm really looking forward to playing Gerorgetown...
  14. This is what has me most excited: "By coming to the college ranks, Hernandez positions himself as the most experienced and accomplished pitching coach in all of college baseball and the only Division I pitching coach to have served as a pitching coach at the major league level. Prado believes that with Hernandez’s addition, the Bulls will receive a major boost, giving USF the opportunity to recruit nationally at the highest level."
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