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  1. What a beautiful site clicking on that hyperlinked Charlie Strong name...
  2. Thanks for all the work on this @TheAccountant! They turned out great!
  3. I'll be there (I'm in Virginia). Driving over the morning of. Not doing the Alumni tailgate, mainly because the food isn't compatible with my wife's dietary restrictions, but we'll be in section 27 row E for the game!
  4. Who's the guy on the sideline? Looks like Strong but he's actually showing emotion...
  5. This. What did we have to lose by running it? At least give it a shot.
  6. Can we watch the footage of Barnett and that steak again? It was more impressive.
  7. Great video! Makes me wish I could make it back to FL for the games. As for the critics, not much you can do when we had abysmal attendance, but I didn't even notice -- too busy looking at the plays!
  8. Let's go people -- this is a no brainer! Great looking shirt at a fair price - let's make this happen!
  9. I feel like I need a cooler handle to order one of these...freshman me was very unoriginal.
  10. I fully expect naming rights to a drop of sweat after being in for $46.
  11. I have 2 tickets for homecoming for sale (will be at a wedding that day). Section 206 Row K, plus a parking pass in lot 6D. Looking for $60 for all. Will have to mail out physical tickets + pass.
  12. I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 63 seconds  
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