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  1. Lane311

    Why does USF Fail in Track & Field

    Bring back Bob Braman and we'll win.
  2. Lane311

    What are Your Bye Week Saturday Plans?

    hahah! 38 here. gonna tack on some time with Breath of the Wild too.
  3. Lane311

    What are Your Bye Week Saturday Plans?

    Playing the Battlefront 2 multiplayer beta.
  4. Lane311

    Bowl game announcement

    mmmm... Bama BBQ!
  5. Lane311

    USF at Illinois 2018

    Unfortunately, I didn't. But I did get to try Rick Bayless' Frontera Grill. A great place.
  6. Lane311

    USF at Illinois 2018

    It's a fantastic city. I visited earlier this year. It's very easy to get around. Treat yourself and take an architectural boat tour. Also, visit Lincoln Park Zoo (the zoo is free). And, of course, Wrigley Field or just Wrigleyville. Make a stop at Murphy's and have a drink. I was able to make a Cubbies game and sat next to an 80+ year old guy that became a Cubs fan when he was 10 years old and first saw them play in the in 1945 World Series. Tons of knowledge/history dropped on me during that game. He remembers when tickets were $0.25. hahah. It was quite an experience. Oh... and the food. So many great places to eat.
  7. Lane311

    Attendance Prediction for UCONN game

    I'll be there with a friend. So, that's at least 2.
  8. Lane311

    Zombie Nation

    Fun fact... It's based off of a Commodore 64 game.
  9. Lane311

    USF Look-a-likes From Cuse Board

    hahah!! Unless it's raining and/or the other team is covered in mud.
  10. Lane311

    USF Look-a-likes From Cuse Board

    Hey, I'd be happy to have the Predator monster on our team. Unless the NCAA bans taking human skulls has trophies, which we all know they would. Jerks.
  11. Lane311

    hi-res wallpaper

    Here's my USF wallpaper. http://i.imgur.com/yuO2hfD.jpg
  12. Lane311

    White has small arms

    It's not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean. And Mike's waves are going in the right direction.
  13. Lane311

    USF penalties: 19/170

    I don't buy it. 19 in one game?! Obvious issue with the "officiating" team. But... if they are all legit, new school record... right?