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  1. What I'm saying Heath actually was, is what COA wanted to be. A really good recruiter, who scored a bunch of NBA/NBDL/Euro league players at Arkansas and USF, but his wild yearly season coaching record didn't match. The multiple horrible years <12 wins, indicate something missing. The fact is he has been fired twice, maybe unjustified at Arkansas, and he is not a head coach anywhere currently. So I would assume industry tends to side more with his tournament success is the anomaly and isn't banging down his door. Or he just likes lower assistant pay in Boston. Or he doesn't want to be
  2. We absolutely agree, RAJ and Robertson carried Heath's deadweight mightily in that year. I'm probably not the fan you are but I do have game used jersey from the NCAA run. It's sweet with the Selmon memorial and NCAA logo patches.
  3. Whats all the smh? Gilchrist Sr year in 2011 was his worst season 9pt, 5reb, on 39% shooting. Heath had 4 returning starters that just won 22 games, with more experience from NCAA, and you think that a 9 win dropoff was warranted due to one guy? Everything in hindsight is "smarter".
  4. The NCAA year he had 22 wins, 12 in Big East. The next year he lost one starter (Gus Gilchrest) and went all the way back to 12 wins, 3-15 in conference. And then he repeated 12 and only 3 in AAC. Great 2011 season, but he could not coach.
  5. Good luck to Mack. As for everyone shouting mistake
  6. Heath was ok, but he rode one hot Do-Jo year, and the miracle NCAA year where he still went 2-6 again ranked teams. Followed by back to back 12 win seasons. Sad fact I just realized on wiki only 3 winning seasons since 2001.Was Egbunu going to turn everything around for Heath? Currently at 9pts/7rebs as a junior probably not. It was time for a change. Now it's time again. Hopefully we get one right, can't do much worse.
  7. As soon as he lost Troy Baxter commitment that should have been it. Long trail of talented recruits that never got to the Sundome, COA has yet to close and develop one class. Masiello has been a trainwreck as well. Losing record at Manhattan in the MEAC since his "hiring" here. Embarrassing.
  8. Nice 1st half. But COA had chance for 2-for-1 possession to end the half and opts to slow game and let SC have last shot. Meanwhile the Manhatten Jaspers 3-7. Need a new coach search firm this time around.
  9. Only two year success Strong has had as HC was because of Teddy Bridgewater's talent. Basically anyone can win with a 1st round NFL QB, see UCF 2013. CWT coaching record hasn't caught up with his recruiting record. For big schools that already recruit his biggest asset isn't as much value as it is here. One or two conference championships/bowl wins plus beating a few ranked teams and he can write his offer.
  10. He's staying for at least 3 more years. This year is a pass, next year has to be around .500, and third year has to be 18+ wins and NCAA/NIT bid. This team has 2 seniors. Best 2014 recruit is out with ACL, best 2015 recruit wound up ineligible. Other than Perry, Heaths best players from 2013 transferred.
  11. Haven't we hated that premise of arguing who can win games long enough? Stop and smell the Flowers. Almost unbelievable growth, and a great season under his belt. His motion looks like he tries to guide the pass, but I love the QF screw it I'm going deep. He's extending plays, has his head up downfield, and is savvy with the pump fakes. Hopefully the AW positive approach continues when he becomes eligible backup.
  12. So true. Even now the UA replicas shorts and jerseys are so cheap compared to price and quality of other nike authentic you can find on fanatics/fans-edge sites. Ebay has had some nice finds couple times a year. I just got a game used from our NCAA win over Temple just a few weeks ago for $115. Also found a 1997 jersey (yellow throwback to Vitale and UF rocking the sundome) and a reverse-able practice jersey from 2011 NCAA run as well. Had some shorts from the Atkins days with Rocky on the waistband.
  13. Im not expecting much more passing to be put on QF. Sometimes you have to keep it basic while they learn to be a college QB, probably even more in QFs case. Just for comparison Grothe's first 8 starts average vs Flowers first 5. 14/23, 179 yards, 1.1 TD/ 1.0 INT, 14 Rushes, 60 yards. 11/20, 126 yards, 1.2 TD/ 0.8 INT, 11 Rushes, 48 yards. Granted they need set passing plays for 3rd and long situations, but asking him to throw another 15-20 passes is a recipe for turnover disaster. Hopefully AW will be ready for game 1.
  14. Yeah just add $10M of coaching to perpetual top ranked recruiting classes and get three wins at home over mediocre teams. Whats taking Harlan so long to just copy that?
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