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  1. Wow,thanks for posting. Lotta changes since 76. Probably can't get a 2 br apt at wedgewood for $150 a month anymore.
  2. my daughter also attended FSU for under grad & grad school. she lived in an apartment complex called University Club. set up for students and works on their schedule. monthly rent included power, water, cable, internet, etc. 2br townhouse, 2 &1/2 bathrooms, washer/dryer in apt.. around $650 a month per student. taltran buses run to campus from 6 in morning to 10 at night. parking on campus is a huge problem. congrats to you & your son
  3. remember bobby bowden telling a story about playing penn st and paterno running up the score. bowden told paterno "you shouldn't have ran up the score on us like that." joepa replied "it's not my job to stop running up the score, that's your job." bulls did thier job,bcats didn't
  4. i am not a student of the game, or a very passionate fan, but this guy needs to go,even i know 7 is better than 3. where was the sideline reporter asking the "What were you thinking?"
  5. i will always be indebted to him for the fine day in sept of 09, when my seminole friends invited me to doak to watch a "real" team play.
  6. Why would you leave a job where you live in paradise, make 1.5 mill, and it is acceptable to be at the bottom of your conference? Any higher up the food chain and the coach is held accountable.
  7. Maybe he is an example of the "Peter Principal". It happens all the time in business & government. He was promoted to the level of his incompetency
  8. I graduated from USF in 76 and was excited when i finally had a team to follow. I live in N Fl and we are saturated with FSU/UF news and coaches radio shows , pre & post game. Does Leavitt do any thing along those lines or does he have an outlet on the local media? If so has he made any comments on the annual mid season crash?
  9. I was wondering, does Leavitt ever make any comments in the local media about the teams performance post game or during the week? i live in N florida and we are FSU/UF saturated following the game and up to the game that follows. Does Leavitt have a local radio show or any of that type of media outlet?
  10. how about a base salary of .5 m & a $125,000 bump for every team he beats in the big east?
  11. definitely the season, i use football to get relief from the economy.
  12. USF is not anything like Clemson They are changing up the coaching staff
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