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  1. Bulldozier1, please think before you speak. UCF would NOT beat us and they are Not going to be invited into the BIG EAST. Keep some perspective, they have beat no one.
  2. Matt was such a pleasure to watch. Like CJL would always say--"Matt is just so competitive." I always felt that he could bring us a win when the game was on the line. I was so proud as an alumni to see what he helped USF accomplish. I am still upset about his injury and will miss watching him play for the BULLS, but feel that his future is very bright. Thank You #8. I wish you nothing but success.
  3. Smazza, please just go away. You are a complete idiot. You need to realize that your constant negativity is just a downright burden to REAL BULLS FANS. Also, recruits read these posts and you likely are hurting our program. How do you expect that a recruit reading this site would react after reading your Constant slams? Do you think your mindless rambling against the BULLS is beneficial? Doubtfull. Please do us a favor and find a new team--USC-whatever--just get lost. Really tired of you. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in abandoning all things BULLS related--I beg--get lost.
  4. Every time I read the about the bulls through the writing of Mr. McMurphy, I usually get quite peeved as it almost always seems to have a negative slant. In fact, Brett almost appears to ENJOY posting negative aspects concerning the BULLS. Greg Auman is so much better and his coverage is much more enjoyable to read. Coach Leavitt was just reacting to Brett's constant "jabs" and quite frankly, it was a pleasure to watch. He is a coach who sticks up for his team.
  5. I felt the need to reply to this post. I usually do not write on message boards. However, I feel this is important as a diehard BULLS fan. I am quite saddened to here some people say such hurtfull things about Matt such as he will never make it into the NFL--you never know--this kid has heart. He is not ditching our program, he just seeing where he stands (who wouldn't). Yes, he has made some mistakes (we all do). However, this kid has done so much for USF football. We need some perspective, we are a rising program that is having some growing pains. We will get back on track. Is Matt the
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