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  1. Dude WHAT are you talking about?!?! His performance was excellent Here is Daniels' stat line against Cincinnati: 13/16 (81 percent) 286 yards, two touchdowns, no interceptions. Passer rating of 272. Also, nine carries for 35 yards and two touchdowns. Against Rutgers: 10/17 (58 percent) 149 yards, two touchdowns, one interception. Passer rating of 159. Here is Eveld's stat line against Miami: 8/15 (53 percent), 120 yards, zero touchdowns. Passer rating of 120. Also, four carries for -9 yards (that's negative) and a touchdown. Bobby Eveld didn't do anything yesterday that BJ Daniels hasn't demonstrated himself to be capable of doing. So this is a stupid discussion. Premature at best. I'm not trying to insult him, I think he was very impressive. Way better than I expected. But the post I responded to above is still nonsense. If Eveld's horrible slip up at his own goal line was correctly called a safety, he might have cost USF the game and we'd be having a very different discussion today. There's no need to make immediate judgments constantly about everything that has happened in the past 30 seconds of your life. Reading stupid posts like this is just laughable. The dude threw an great slant pass in overtime. He threw a great touch pass to bogan on the game tying drive and converted i believe two third downs. ALL things Bj couldnt' do. A half blind football scout could tell you that Eveld was a ten times better passer and had a better football IQ than daniels. Give me a break bro. What a laughable post.
  2. Totally agree with this statement. We don't need Carson Palmer or a Tim Tebow.... we just need a guy that can throw a basic 8 yard slant and a 20 yard out. And we also need a guy that throws the ball away. BJ straight up can't do it. It's hard to imagine we would have lost that Pitt or Cuse game with Bobby in there. The Cuse game was the worst example. All those wide open looks BJ missed. Makes me lose sleep.
  3. unreal. everyone talks about Bobby, but that game was won on that goal line stand.
  4. Playing a bowl game on Jan 8th seems rather stupid to me. I don't know why these bowl games line up after the big games like the Rose Bowl etc. Nobody cares about the Birmingham bowl game on the freakin 8th. Totally stupid. I'd rather see them play it on the 20th of december when bowl games haven't lost their novelty. I'm pulling for us to play in the Tire bowl.
  5. I just wanted to toot my own horn here. I knew Bobby would find his way into the miami game some way some how.
  6. I know one thing that I don't need you to clarify for me. BJ Daniels is terrible. Horrendous. Abysmal. Guy is a total liability. If you want to disagree so be it. I'd like to think i'm in the majority and you are in the minority on this. He is a terrible QB. Flat out awful.
  7. I think he gets benched in the 2nd quarter at Miami. You heard it here first
  8. So you mean to tell me that his recent results of: 11/19 1TD 0INT, 10/17 2TD 1INT, and 13/16 2TD 0INT, is no better than his earlier season: 20/30 0TD 3INT, 9/23 0TD 2INT, and 5/20 1TD 4 INT? I don't know how you can be ignorant enough to say that he hasn't been playing better than he was earlier in the season. At least know what the **** you are talking about before you spew this ignorant trash You think Skip is scared to bench him? I think BJ is our best option. Do I think he's a superstar? No, but he gives us more of a chance than a freshman with no playing time. He sucks - any commonsense fan can see that. I don't need stats to tell me what I see. He is utterly ineffective. Our offense ranks in the 100's buddy. We convert less than 25% of our 3rd downs. The only reason he hasn't thrown as many INTS dude is because he throws 25% LESS PASSES. The guy is horrendous. I don't know what QB you are watching. His play is not defensible. You are either blind or passionately loyal - neither of which are good traits.
  9. I don't know how anyone can put the words "BJ" and "Played Better" in any sentence. He had one good td pass to bogan for 50 yd td in Lou game and that's about it. The guy is terrible. Our offense ranks like 110 in D-1. The guy is a complete and total liability. Skips scared to bench him. WHY? I have no idea. Nobody could be any worse man. We only throw the ball 15 times a game. Put in the freshmen kid from Jesuit.
  10. Through the middle of the 4th quarter and including the Lou game we were a combined 6-28 on third down. In fact looking back at the game I can't think of any time we converted without there being a penalty. And you can say all you want, this team will never be 10-2 or something like that with BJ at QB. The guy is totally awful. Just miserable. We went 2-14 on 3rd down at Louisville and at one point in this game we were 4-14. Our offense ranks in the 100's in D-1 football. Laughable. All that talent and we can't do "Diddly poo" because our QB totally *****. I'm done with USF football for the season. Watching that crap just ruins my weekend. Call me when we bench BJ for that 6-4 white kid I saw in the background.
  11. I still don't understand the play calling and understand why people don't see it. Dude, it's 3rd and 13 on your 18 yard line and you call a pass play. dude..>RUN A **** DRAW PLAY!. We saw this same nonsense at Wva...saw this same nonsense at Florida.... Your backed up deep in your zone with a QB that turns the ball over. Retarded.
  12. I don't think you will find a bigger believer in our men's basketball coach then yours truly. As a man who has seen the utter darks days of USF with Mac (ie Chris Capko, , I count my lucky stars that we have this guy. The main question surrounding the team this year isn't how do we replace D. Jones, it's can we find someone who can knock down the outside shot. Our perimeter shooting was just god awful last year. Here's to fillin it up!
  13. The game was TOTALLY lost because of the play of BJ Daniels. Guy was flat out horrendous. What a joke.
  14. The reason we are losing this game is simple: BJ Daniels - he terrible. I don't know what happened.
  15. We aren't going anywhere if this guy doesn't stop throwing interceptions man. Just total game and drive killers
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