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  1. Following for this answer. I have a small group coming with me and want to know if we just show up at game time or if there will be fanfare or something going on ahead of time.
  2. I do not understand the mindset of "Don't play because we will lose." That reminds me of the kids growing up that would be losing and they grab their ball and go home. Man up and play the game. If you think this team can do with out extra game time experience your are sadly mistaken. Also if Marshall and field a football and play a season after losing their entire team to a plane crash we can do the same after CCS. I have 8 tickets for Fridays game and will be there in my green and gold.
  3. Agreed. I have the app. I can see the tickets and QR Code but get the message "Unable to add ticket to wallet at this time"
  4. Is there an update on the App? Also will all attendees need to download the app or will all tickets purchased be able to be viewed on one phone?
  5. Any thoughts on those who normally park off of Ray Jay property. Does anyone think if they will be open? Or does the TSA determine their ability to do so as well.
  6. Let's be honest does it matter. It doesn't seem like any of them have an arm as a serious threat. All I saw against ND was options and draws. Felt like Gilbert was back..
  7. I have done the new sign in registration and still won't download. Well it is reassuring that it is not me. I mean worse comes to worse I could probably screen grab them but I definitely do not want to be trying to pull them up on the website at the gate with a ton of other people.
  8. Has anyone else noticed if they are able to download the tickets to their Apple wallet yet? I keep trying it does nothing. I am not sure if it is becaue the games are too far out or if I am doing something wrong.
  9. Anyone still having issues change the quantity to the amount of tickets you are looking for. Some sections have pods of 6 while others have pods of 2 and others still have pods of 4. So if you are searching for 4 tickets and see an empty section that means that section is either a 2 or 6 pod section.
  10. Agreed. Also this is the first year I was able to draft him on my fantasy team. I feel like somehow it is my fault lol
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