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  1. Nick Carroll


  2. So this came from a friend of mine. I guess this is a thing. Nothing explicit. Just a couple being pulled out of a stall fully clothed at Ray Jay. http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh4WkoE7zvv3i6y24P
  3. Nick Carroll

    Bye Week Plans

    I have to say you might win this weekend.
  4. Nick Carroll

    Tailgating pics from 2018 season.

    You have to pay for two parking spots. I usually pay for one and by friend pays for the other. However we are usually bringing guests to the game with our extra season tix so they either cover parking or pay for a beer inside.
  5. Post your pics from tailgating this season so far. Chris and I have been parked next to each other for 2 of the 3 games so far in Lot 7. @chrisdashley Here is the pic of our two trailers together again.
  6. Nick Carroll

    Found something in the lot after ECU

    Actually I have talked to him. He said it was just a shtick that stuck. However he keeps doing it hoping that people enjoy it and maybe make a few more attend the games. Seems like a solid due.
  7. Nick Carroll

    Found something in the lot after ECU

    Our sons love him and have been on the jumbo tron imitating him. He sits in our section and he thought it was cool.
  8. Nick Carroll

    Bye Week Plans

    Our wives are taking advantage of the bye week and going out of town for a girls weekend. We are taking our sons to Duke's Brewhouse to eat some wings and watch college football.
  9. Nick Carroll

    Found something in the lot after ECU

    It was the base for a flag pole that you pull your car onto. Nothing all that exciting but good to get back in the right hands.
  10. Nick Carroll

    Found something in the lot after ECU

    Owner of the found object has been found. That was way quicker than I expected.
  11. A friend of mine found something in lot 6 on her way back to our spot in Lot 7. If you are missing something from your gear and can tell me what it is let me know. No it is not a bag of money, jewelry or ECU's hopes and dreams. HAHA Seriously I am trying to do a good thing for football Karma.
  12. Nick Carroll

    Building a Tailgate Trailer

    Short of any tweaks here and there the trailer is mostly done.
  13. Nick Carroll

    Is it better or worse for USF if FAU upsets ucf?

    Honestly I want the "National Champions" to be undefeated until we beat them. Beating an undefeated team helps more than a team that falls to FAU. Plus it would make for a great game to be watched which means more exposure.
  14. Nick Carroll

    Note to Rocky the Bull

    Don't let this happen to you Rocky. Only you can prevent groin shots.
  15. Nick Carroll

    ECU Tailgate plans

    So it is a night game. We are getting there right when the lots open. We will be cranking tunes, have the TV on other games and playing cornhole. What is every one planning on cooking for this game? I think we are doing steaks for our group.