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  1. Let's be honest does it matter. It doesn't seem like any of them have an arm as a serious threat. All I saw against ND was options and draws. Felt like Gilbert was back..
  2. I have done the new sign in registration and still won't download. Well it is reassuring that it is not me. I mean worse comes to worse I could probably screen grab them but I definitely do not want to be trying to pull them up on the website at the gate with a ton of other people.
  3. Has anyone else noticed if they are able to download the tickets to their Apple wallet yet? I keep trying it does nothing. I am not sure if it is becaue the games are too far out or if I am doing something wrong.
  4. Anyone still having issues change the quantity to the amount of tickets you are looking for. Some sections have pods of 6 while others have pods of 2 and others still have pods of 4. So if you are searching for 4 tickets and see an empty section that means that section is either a 2 or 6 pod section.
  5. Agreed. Also this is the first year I was able to draft him on my fantasy team. I feel like somehow it is my fault lol
  6. Some of us suffer from battered spouse syndrom. The Bulls keep kicking us but we think "He really does love me," lol
  7. Truth be told I am just trying to find a logic behind it and hopefully one that gives hope to a better future. We will know for sure this weekend though.
  8. I agree. I had a similar thought. Why go for an Air show when you don't need to and don't want to give ND any game tape to study. We have a short window where everything about our program is under wraps. Might as well relish it.
  9. HAHAHA.. Sorry we were at a friends house. Hell our broadcast didnt start until almost the end of the 1st quarter because the game before went long. Also my son takes my phone sometimes to play so I got no updates.
  10. What is everyone doing to watch the ND game? My brother is a big ND fan. So is my Mom and Sister. We are all going to his house. I am taking my tailgate trailer over there. My buddy, dad and a few other Bulls fans are setting up camp at his house. We will be tailgating all day and watching the game from the TV on my trailer. It would be nice for a win because I have had 9 years of bragging rights. I feel at this point it is expiring. lol.
  11. Was it me or did Cade not get any snaps? I thought they were going to run through all three QBs on saturday. By the end of the game I was a little tipsy so I may have missed it lol.
  12. I bought similar to my season tickets. I got 6 tickets in the south end zone for all games except Tulsa. I only got 4 for that game. Since it’s a Friday night game it’s a harder sell to get my friends organized. Ready to roll out my tailgating trailer. Let’s go! B
  13. Every year I play College Pick em on ESPN's site. It's a free fantasy game. I kept trying this year and never saw the game released. However it just came out. then I realized they are starting the fantasy game on 9/26 so the first few weeks are not part of it this year. Just wanted to give some of you a heads up incase you play. Also there is a group out there called "Fans of South Florida" should any of you want to join.
  14. Never mind. I am an idiot. I did not see the quantity selected at the top.
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