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  1. Nick Carroll

    Building a Tailgate Trailer

    Short of any tweaks here and there the trailer is mostly done.
  2. Honestly I want the "National Champions" to be undefeated until we beat them. Beating an undefeated team helps more than a team that falls to FAU. Plus it would make for a great game to be watched which means more exposure.
  3. Nick Carroll

    Note to Rocky the Bull

    Don't let this happen to you Rocky. Only you can prevent groin shots.
  4. Nick Carroll

    ECU Tailgate plans

    So it is a night game. We are getting there right when the lots open. We will be cranking tunes, have the TV on other games and playing cornhole. What is every one planning on cooking for this game? I think we are doing steaks for our group.
  5. Nick Carroll

    Looking for watch party

    I hear there is a huge watch party at 4201 N. Dale Mabry Hwy in Tampa.
  6. Nick Carroll

    Gotta Get This Off The Chest

    I have very rarely seen this enforced. Usually it is more to do with the fan being drunk and belligerent or getting in an argument with someone.
  7. Rivalries are deeply in bedded in college football. I grew up a Gator fan and as such I hated FSU. I have never rooted for them to win. Ever... It adds excitement to the game. There were years where the Gators were leagues above FSU and vice versa. You don't kill the rivalry though. The same will be with USF and UCF. Accept it. Enjoy the game and move on.
  8. Nick Carroll

    Gotta Get This Off The Chest

    Keep in mind in my section this is a non issue because everyone stands and not by obligation. I actually moved sections so I could. Can't make everyone happy.
  9. Nick Carroll

    Building a Tailgate Trailer

    Got the decals in and put on the trailer this week. Gonna be there this week. #Bullspeedahead
  10. Nick Carroll

    Gotta Get This Off The Chest

    Notice the phrase "Continuous Standing." If you read the rest of my post I said I don't stand the whole game but when it gets to an exciting part I will stand. Not continuous. but feel free to be offended by how great my ass looks while I stand to cheer on my team. HAHA
  11. Nick Carroll

    Gotta Get This Off The Chest

    I didn't say you had to stand but you shouldn't say we have to sit either. I don't stand the whole game but I will definitely be standing when I get excited.
  12. Nick Carroll

    Gotta Get This Off The Chest

    My first season I had tickets in 108. I had the same experience. They were great seats but too many crotchety fans there. I moved to section 121 in the south end zone. I am near great people. Fans that love to stand and cheer and have a great time. Sometimes you have to move away from the idiots.
  13. Nick Carroll

    Building a Tailgate Trailer

    I am sure you would have. In 2005 you were where I was last year. I can only imagine you would have a converted school bus with AC and a bathroom.. (Yes I am already planning the upgrade)
  14. Nick Carroll

    Helmet Stickers for Tailgating

    We got ours too. That was really cool. I hope you can get them multiple times. It will be cool to get the stacked along the side of the trailer.
  15. Nick Carroll

    When will we know ECU game time?

    My crew shows up no later than 4 hours ahead of game time every week. Shooting for 5 hours this week.