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  1. Say what you will but there is definitely a buzz around USF. There is excitement in the air. A lot of people are proud to say they are renewing tickets. When a year ago people were swearing they would not go to another game. I am not naive enough to expect an immediate turn around but it finally feels like we are making some of the right moves. I’m excited and will also be renewing my 6 tickets once again.
  2. It would be nice to find more USF gear in stores that are not just near campus. I live in Lakeland and when I bring a friend to a game that needs a shirt they have to drive to Tampa before hand to find something to wear game day.
  3. Perfect. Will our reps reach out to us by then? Or will we get a reminder email in January? I dont want to miss the deadline.
  4. When do you have to renew by in order to lock in the same price for 2021?
  5. Yeah I just heard this weekend unless you have a club or suite ticket no beer sold.
  6. Us accountants have to stick together. lol I will have 6 in my group.
  7. I am also going. Going to be a hard walk back to the truck after the game I am sure.
  8. I did not. I started a different thread and that didn't get much traction so I thought I would ask again to see if any more people were paying attention as we are closer to the game. But thanks for checking.
  9. So I am going to this game but have never been there. I am trying to organize my tailgate. Where do you guys park when you go there? What is the tailgate like?
  10. I am also in 234. I have never been there before so I dont know if that is the norm.
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