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  1. Icemann78x

    Building a Tailgate Trailer

    WE saw you several times in Lot 7 a few spots down from us. We were talking about your inflatable Rocky. Where did you get it from?
  2. Icemann78x

    Building a Tailgate Trailer

    I have seen you a few spots down from me several games last season. I wanted to know. WHERE did you get the inflatable Rocky? I have found a trailer and will be working the next month on getting it ready for football season. Excited. I don't mind paying for the extra spot as it is part of the fun.
  3. Icemann78x

    Building a Tailgate Trailer

    Yeah I saw a guy giving away a trailer. I am looking to do a bigger one though. With electricity, TV, a bar etc. I figured we would need to do two spots. I typically park over in lot 7 and are usually there early enough to get one of the first couple of rows. This may or may not be ready by this football season. Gotta get the right deal on a used trailer my buddy and I can work on.
  4. Does Raymond James allow you to pull a trailer into the lots? I am thinking of buying a trailer and customizing it to a tailgate trailer with TV, Audio, Coolers etc. and before I start this project I wanted to make sure we can pull it on the lot. I have not been able to find anything on their site so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Icemann78x

    ESPN: 2017 bold predictions

    That is as bold as salsa made in NY City. That seems to be a safe bet.
  6. Icemann78x

    Girls of Stony Brook

    I always look forward to this thread before each game. Thanks.
  7. Icemann78x

    Tailgating 2017

    Hey there ladies and Gents. I am so ready for my 2nd season being season ticket holders. I have also brought some more with me. We will be stepping up our tailgating this year. In the off season we have obtained a quiet generator, TV, antennae, a shop fan, Speakers for music/TV and a flag pole. We will be in Lot 7 all season. See you all out there. LET"S GO BULLS Here is a video of our tailgating last season.
  8. Icemann78x

    2017 season tickets

    Awesome. Thanks. Stepped up the tailgate game this year. I'm ready for a great season!!!
  9. Icemann78x

    2017 season tickets

    I have season tix but I don't get parking passes as I like to be able to park next to friends who don't have season passes. That said has anyone seen if there is a change this year to the parking? Last year we usually got in the front row of Lot 7 entering from Dale Mabry. Just want to make sure that spot is good before game day.
  10. Icemann78x

    2017 season tickets

    HAHAHA. That made me laugh out loud in the office. HAHA
  11. Icemann78x

    Fan Fest August 12th

    I liked it better when it was at Ray Jay. There they would set up things to do like running through tackling dummies and catch a pass. It made it more fun to bring my son to. We have gone to the Sun Dome one and after a bit of just walking around and looking at people standing in lines to get autographs my son is ready to go home.
  12. Icemann78x

    2017 season tickets

    I am getting anxious for the season and so are the others who I got tickets for. I still haven't received my tickets. Has anyone received theirs? Should I just be more patient?
  13. Paul Finebaum is a tool. I hated hearing his radio show on XM. If he is on I am not watching. He knows loves his SEC and nothing else.
  14. Icemann78x

    2016 Season Tailgating

    Just made some new cornhole boards for this season.
  15. Icemann78x

    2016 Season Tailgating

    I have always parked in lot 4 on the north side. However the organized activity (i.e. Bulls Zone and players entering the stadium) happens on the south side. I will likely still hit lot 4. Might walk to the south side to check stuff out though.