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  1. Make it happen... As long as USF insists on doing the same stupid thing over and over, where we hire a young money hungry coach then we will need this clause in play.
  2. Not so fast... they can win at our AAC level of play, they can recruit in FL and the south, and best yet won't bolt. Joey Jones is my realistic pick.
  3. That is assuming that you can still win... there is an overwhelming chance that USF will fall flat on its face regardless of who we hire. The odds of continued success are stacked against us right now.
  4. I hope he falls flat on his money-grubbing face
  5. PJ Fleck - Yes (Who USF will hire) Greg Frey - No Calvin McGee - No Lawrence Dawsey - No Joey Jones - Yes (My Personal Pick) Neal Brown - No (He is a weenie) As usual, I would like to see USF at least entertain Tommy Bowden or Terry Bowden - or both. But the likelihood of them doing this will be the same as them interviewing Jim Leavitt, so its a mute point.
  6. Nope, there are older coaches with proven records that would be less attractive to the power 5 schools. We need to stop hiring young coaches that are focused on money and big name programs.
  7. Charlie Strong will leave the second he gets more money from a better school. So he would be the coach for 1-2 years assuming Strong could keep our team together and winning. We need a long-term fix, otherwise this constant coach roulette is going to set our program back fan wise.
  8. Will never happen as long as Judy is the President, but at this point I will trade you a Gentshaft for a Leavitt and a permanent/loyal coach any day of the week.
  9. If we hire Charlie Strong then he will jump ship at the first offer he gets from a power 5 school just like Willie T.
  10. Now that is a load of shiz... really pisses me off. Again, this was a classless move by CWT. The players should have been the first people he told, even before USF Admin. Can't really be too surprised tho... he did the same thing at WKU. He was on the plane down to Tampa to collect his money and the WKU players were told later that day that CWT was leaving by some random Athletics stooge. Real class act...
  11. Just figured I'd stop by to say I told you so... I said that CWT would jump ship the second he gets us back on track. The only thing I was wrong about was the team. I theorized that CWT would jump ship to work with Harbaugh as a coordinator. Never thought that he would get an HC gig at a power 5 school based on one good season at USF. If USF goes out and hires another hip young coach, like Strong, then we will be back in this same situation in 2-3 years assuming that the new coach can get us back on track in 2-3 years. Also, I think its a bit classless of CWT to jump ship before the bowl game... I know that a lot of people do it, and get why they do it (i.e. recruiting at the new school, getting started, etc.), but that still doesn't make it better. Sends a message that he couldn't wait to get the hell out of here and basically used us. This really screws USF Athletics over in the realm of selling bowl tickets, and a big dump on school spirit. I said it once, and I'll say it again... We need an older coach that is proven vs. some young or middle-aged coach looking for a pay-day.
  12. I know that the ACC controls the game, but in the past when the BigEast controlled a game and it wasn't on TV or on ESPN3, Brighthouse would pick the game up. So with the Slingbox Sports Pack you can get ESPN3? Right now with my $20 package I have ESPN and ESPN2? If this is correct then you sir are awesome.
  13. Maybe for other internet providers. I have brighthouse and unless I have the brighthouse TV cable package I can't use ESPN3. So its either use pirate sites on the deep web, or listen to the radio.
  14. Pathetic. If you don't have a cable TV package then you are SOL with ESPN3. I haven't had cable TV in 5 years, not since Sling Box came out. USF needs to fix this when the game isn't on TV.
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