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  1. Actually they did. The bar would've been higher.
  2. McCants. Been most consistent through first 3 games in different situations. Not taking anything away from Horne but he is easily neutralized by the opponent ( dont kick it to him)
  3. And BB will have more INTs than QF for sure. The routes across the middle and the WRs not standing still for most passes will allude to INTs.
  4. I dont understand E.Mack getting so few carries. I thought I heard great things about him.
  5. mjadams

    Best game this year

    Strong didnt have all the penalties. His team did but the players played piss poor
  6. mjadams

    Best game this year

    Defense gave the offense a chance to make this a blow out. Im glad we got the W but alot if work to do. We are not a top 25 team yet. Wilcox had a monster game along with Cronk.
  7. Have we taken a shot downfield yet? Is it time for a change?
  8. Yes we do. The defense needs to nut kick the offense.