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  1. I know how young he is. For a prize recruit his consistency hasnt been there. Hope he clicks soon....we need him.
  2. Pleasantly surprised about weaver. Guy looks good. Kinda disappointed in Jimmy Horne thus far.
  3. I don't really care who starts but I'm fairly certain about Cades ability to throw against FAMU with as much success as we saw last night along with gaining some rushing yards. While I was impressed at times it wasnt a wow game by no means. I still think with the sample size the coaches are having a hard time with the decision. No one has separated themselves to the point he's willing to name them the starter and I understand. It's good to have some depth at the position. With that said I am least impressed with Marsh. Good to get him some reps but I think Cade could used them as well. I think if there was a depth chart for QBs Cade would have a sizable lead over the the third string at this point when not competing for the starting position.
  4. 12 carries for 27 yards with a long run of 11 yards is his running stats thus far. I'm all for him getting his shot to start but he hasn't shown that he can take it to the house.....yet.
  5. Not trying to argue but I haven't seen this type of elusive running in him yet. He got popped really hard in the NCST game so maybe they told him to calm it down?
  6. For some reason I think Cade starts but I really dont care who it is. Neither have impressed me thus far.
  7. I thought he was better than 40% completion and 80ish yds......but I guess scoring made it seem that way
  8. Not making routine tackles will hold this defense back. It was pitiful today.
  9. Thats like saying the rb who punches it in from 2 yards out each time and has more tds is the best offensive player. We can have our own opinions. Im not knocking miller. I like St Felix more. He can stretch the field. We just dont have anyone who can get the ball to them consistently on vertical routes. FGs might have us bowling!
  10. Nearly 700 yds in his freshman campaign and leads in catches and yards this year. He's had some drops for sure, no denying that but everyone has. He's regressed but still producing more than others.
  11. It was somewhat of a joke. I could care less. Chris O decided to transfer. Good luck to him at the lower level. I hope his dreams come true.... The days of staying and competing for your position is over for most student athletes.
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