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  1. He threw the ball 49 during tulane and high 30s againt houston. He threw most of his passes on 3rd and long yesterday (I think) out of necessity and his lame ass shoulder was the cause. I just cant bring myself to think that a gimped up BB is that much better than the others. When healthy yes absolutely he is the starter but not yesterday.
  2. mjadams

    I was glad CCS was hired

    I was just talking about the coach. Im a realist. Nothing will cure everything and everyone on this board.
  3. mjadams

    I was glad CCS was hired

    Winning cures everything. Its as simple as that. UCF went 0-12 and now look. Just win and this will be a bump in the road.
  4. mjadams

    Our QB is not a good QB

    Kean's first series was about as good as they come. If his second series woulda looked similar he would still be playing. It went downhill. I did think he deserved some looks....even today
  5. Talk is cheap. We shall see. I like the responsiveness
  6. mjadams

    23 passes for 82 yards

    Is that who Maddie the pro surfer married?
  7. I said it before...that wont move the needle unfortunately for USF.
  8. Im sorry. Hes not that much beeter than BK at 75% healthy. He had a very very poor game today even if he wasnt healthy. Decision making has nothing to do with soreness
  9. I was job about to post how the first half was a step forward. Glad i refrained from that.
  10. It was a pass play. What we needed. Now you know why we've ran it 47 times.....