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  1. Kelley Joiner had 12 carries for 64 yds against South Carolina State. Take away the 51 yard run and he was 11 carries for 13 yards. I hope your right but nothing in that game led me to believe he's the answer.
  2. With that logic we should make our RBs the second string QB....BB is second string. Evans is a WR now, for a reason.
  3. You mean the kid who hasn't attempted a collegiate pass and has run the wildcat every play is better than BB in this offense right now? Come on man....
  4. The QB at FSU doesnt seem the be the problem. His stats are pretty good. Cam Akers is also putting up solid numbers.
  5. I was talking about the guy that came in for J Cronk.....KJ. our running game has been so bad its hard to watch.
  6. I wasnt really impressed. Seemed like he went down on first contact alot. Looked the part of a change of pace back and not an every down guy.
  7. 55 pts really isn't that good for all the opportunities we had.
  8. The defense seems to be getting better and they definitely are having fun.
  9. CCS surprises again.....how about surprise us with a complete game
  10. I just hope we keep it classy if Barnett does trot out there. He's a bull and has busted his ass for this team. I get that Jordan deserves a shot and I agree with that 100%. Just hope it doesnt turn ugly against BB. He's still on our team.
  11. I really wasnt that impressed with Chris. Im glad he's having success.
  12. Blake is a Bull and has worked his tail off. He deserves the respect and we still need him to be ready to play.............as second string
  13. I have nothing but an opinion which really isnt Sh*@ but I dont think CCS is all involved with the offense. KB took responsibility for it after Wisky.
  14. What level is Chris playing at? There's a reason he transferred lower.....
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