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  1. Thats like saying the rb who punches it in from 2 yards out each time and has more tds is the best offensive player. We can have our own opinions. Im not knocking miller. I like St Felix more. He can stretch the field. We just dont have anyone who can get the ball to them consistently on vertical routes. FGs might have us bowling!
  2. Nearly 700 yds in his freshman campaign and leads in catches and yards this year. He's had some drops for sure, no denying that but everyone has. He's regressed but still producing more than others.
  3. It was somewhat of a joke. I could care less. Chris O decided to transfer. Good luck to him at the lower level. I hope his dreams come true.... The days of staying and competing for your position is over for most student athletes.
  4. It seems he found where his talent level is better suited.... Why wouldn't he already be in the portal?
  5. Start completing basic passes and some deep balls and some of that pressure will back off. Until then it will continue to be a full pressure every snap. He's doing his best. Im just not convinced his best is good enough for D1 QB material.
  6. We all can play this game. I guess the WR/TE threw those errant passes that only Jesus could catch. Several completions were also all on the WR/TE that made good catches. I feel really bad for the defense tonight.
  7. I cant agree more. Not sure whats Ford problem is but really dont care. All I need to know is that he put himself in a position not only to let his teammates down but himself as well.
  8. People grown into fine people once said people decide that's what they want to be. Doesn't matter what CCS does, if the person isn't ready to grow up its not happening.
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