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  1. mjadams

    Craig Watts

    Only the Strong survive! No pun intended
  2. mjadams

    AAC Tournament

    5 days rest isnt enough?
  3. mjadams

    AAC Tournament

    Why didnt SM pitch in the last series?
  4. Let the best man win. Some on here would talk trash about CCS if he (Blake) didnt pick USF. I can hear it now....he cant even get a 2X retread to come to USF. Coach wilo put the best player on the field.
  5. mjadams

    Bulls vs Gators Tonight

    What inning?
  6. mjadams

    NFL Draft

    And I like all the people mentioned. Best news all day was DJ getting his invite to rookie camp.
  7. mjadams

    NFL Draft

    Im just not giving that honor to someone who was on our campus maybe 12 months?
  8. mjadams

    NFL Draft

    Its CCS fault... I kid!!
  9. mjadams

    NFL Draft

    Our best player in history still hasnt sniffed the "best available. Thats just hard to see.
  10. Mike White ended up doing just fine. He would probably do well in Sterlings offense.
  11. Bring all the talent in and let them battle it out. You dont get to build solid depth and elite players by passing on chances we normally dont get.
  12. mjadams

    Brooks Larkin- Oh Boy this is interesting

    I second this. I was told at work once that I was getting a promotion. We've been bought twice in recent years and my boss is no longer around. **** happens...Im blessed I have my job. If he loves his old boss so much maybe he can crack the oline in Tally!
  13. mjadams

    Brooks Larkin- Oh Boy this is interesting

    Could this be viewed as slander?