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  1. Hadn't tried it, and Total Wines mixes the bourbons with the whiskey's, including Jack Daniels, so I did not notice until you pointed it out. Went and looked at the bottle. Blew that one before I had to drop out.
  2. I like it straight up, but I usually use it as a mixer. Same goes for Heritage and Jim Beam. This day it 2 fingers over a couple of cubes. I said I had 26 bourbons. I didn't say I had 26 good bourbons.
  3. Yeah, it would have. Just got back from the MD. Turns out I have a bad ear infection and have to go on antibiotics for 10 days. So much for the challenge.
  4. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the thread title.
  5. Day 2 - Elijah Craig Small Batch I knew what you meant, but you had me wondering there for a minute.
  6. Repeal-18 Cocktail Lounge in Westchase claims to have 375 whiskeys. I'll check that out and see if I can make up my shortage that way.
  7. Started with a standard. Woodford Reserve Distillers Select. I'm saving the Double Oaked for the finish. @CousinRicky, I will bring my Bower Hill Barrel Strength to the South Carolina State game. I'm pretty sure you don't have that one. Do you have any Buffalo Trace? That is one I don't have, among many.
  8. I didn't expect a problem with the cards. However, I worried that the 12 extra tickets I purchase and transferred to other people may be a problem for them. Nobody in my party had an issue. Everything seemed to work great.
  9. Having worked on the HL video for the Bulls Rally for this year, which never came to pass, I can tell you, the lack of video to work with was the worst I've ever experienced. @Nick Carroll, I'm amazed you did that in just 3 hours. That was great!
  10. Rooting the Countryside Jr. Cougar Mighty Mite team on to victory at during halftime. Keeping dry as possible.
  11. Thanks for the email, @CousinRicky . I only have 26 bourbons in my collection. Will have to enhance it by 4 or visit @CousinRicky every weekend, next month.
  12. Also born and raised a briar and I am also an UK alum. I miss going to the Louisville games, up there. Always stayed with family down in E-Town. Love the stadium.
  13. We are looking at 15 to 20 at the Wisconsin tailgate. Our current plan is brats, polish sausage, cheese curds, and enough cheese products to bind me up for a month. For beer, I am bringing Miller High Life, Schlitz, and Pabst Blue Ribbon, the original big 3. Others can bring the craft beer. I am looking for some Sheboygans. They may have them at the butcher I'm getting the polish sausage from. Some Wisconsin transplants are bringing this cheese item...
  14. What I want to get my hands on is a six pack of Huber Dark. @Ryan do they sell Huber Dark all year round, now? You used to only be able to get it during Lent, when they clean the vats out. It used to be my favorite time of year in Milwaukee.
  15. Neither can hold a candle to Dixie. That's what we had the last time UC was here, only we added it to ground beef so it was not so soupy. We also had Grippo's BBQ potato chips and made chili cheese coneys.
  16. I was told by BYU fans I know, green Jello and funeral potatoes. "Funeral Potatoes" is nothing more than that potato casserole everybody takes to somebody's house when a loved one had passed on.
  17. Speaking of all of the Fests in Milwaukee, how was Summer Fest this year? I loved that event back in the day.
  18. When buying single game tickets, however a Bucs season ticket holder can opt for individual tickets instead of the card.
  19. I can't control what I can't control, but I purchased 10 extra tickets for this game. Hoping that will result in at least one new season ticket holder. Bout all I got.
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