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  1. I'm out of Double Oaked again. God, I love that bourbon, but I need to slow down a bit.
  2. I'd been out of Double Oaked for quite a while and during the Woodford tasting I was reminded how much I like it. Obviously, I picked up an new bottle.
  3. Last Thursday evening, we went to a little bourbon bistro called the Purple Poulet in Dayton, Ky. They offered flights, so I tried one called "Neighborhood Hooch" which featured bourbons distilled local to the area. It included Riff's OKI, Boone County Eighteen 33, and George Remus. It's too bad OKI is no longer being produced. It was the best of that bunch. Really good. The Eighteen 33 was OK. I didn't like George Remus at all. Hardly any taste, compared to the others, and what there was, wasn't very good. To me anyway.
  4. Single Barrel was $39.99 at Wild Turkey. The sample at the end of the tour included Longbranch, WT101, Russel SB 10yr, and their Rye. I like the Longbranch.
  5. I don't care if all P5 games are on the road. I like the old @Bull-by-Marriage mantra. "Any time. Any place." Just make the buyout $2 million +. Better to beat them on their turf than ours anyway.
  6. Anymore you have to have internet access to your home with or without TV, so that is a wash. Even if I end up paying as much in the long run, I still prefer a la carte streaming over 500 + channels I don't want or need and not getting what I want. As with everything else, the fragmentation will iron itself out as the consumers show the streaming providers what they want and will pay for.
  7. We are up in NKY, Cincinnati Metroplex. The people we are staying with want to do the three tours nearer to Lexington. We want to come up for the Bourbon Festival in Bardstown, this year, if we can work it out. Maybe we can do KAD and Peerless, then.
  8. Didn't say I drank it, just using it as trade bait. I have a connection to Fat Dog, and I like to promote the TBA as much as I can. Mrs. S drinks it, though, and my daughter loves Touch. I dearly regret missing your tasting. They are always fun and the selection of bourbons interesting. I was going to bring those Virgil Cane's I picked up, too.
  9. I sampled several bourbons I had not tried, last night at a friend's home up here in Kentucky. Russell Reserve 10 Year Small Batch was one of them. Very good (or the others were really bad and that just stood out :)). We are taking the distillery tours on Friday. Wild Turkey makes Russell, so I'll see what they have available in the gift shop. RR10SB is only $32, at Krogers.
  10. We will be in Kentucky, next week. The plan is to visit the Four Roses, Wild Turkey, and Woodford distilleries one day on the trip. I had planned on Buffalo Trace, as well, but that's not going to work out. I've found myself trading Ybor City distilled vodka for bourbon, now. I'm taking Fat Dog's Touch and Nirvana with me.
  11. They dropped the second game 9-3. The Shockers host ECU next weekend. We are at UConn. I have to root for ECU.
  12. Explained here.... https://www.thebullspen.com/topic/143657-board-change/
  13. Linsey Devitt with a 2 out homer in the 1st is all the scoring needed. Georgina Corrick with a 2 hit shutout.
  14. 1-0 USF Final. Conference Champions!!!!
  15. Tulsa took 2 from UConn in a double-header, yesterday. Meanwhile, USF got took to the wood shed and run ruled in a 10-0 loss. While the a co-championship is in the bag, we have to win today, to clinch the conference outright.
  16. I could like Boston, if not for Brad "Lick Boy" Marchand, The Jackets power play failed them last night. When that happens, Marchand can play as dirty as he likes.
  17. USF is currently one game behind Witchita State for the last spot in the AAC Tournament. The Shockers have UConn on the road, this weekend, and ECU at home the week before coming here for the season finally.
  18. 2005/06. The Red Wings won the President's Trophy (58 wins 124 points) and dominated the Edmonton Oilers in game 1 of the playoffs, but lost the next 4 games. Detroit won the cup 2 years later. FWIW, that was Steve Yzerman's last season as a player.
  19. Martin pulled himself out of the running. Craig Smith, Utah State, did too.
  20. I never have purchase tickets from UCF. For anything. I go to a lot of road games and I always get my tickets through USF.
  21. The number is Courtney Troyer's extension. Ms. Troyer is the Senior Account Executive with UCF Sales and Service, as listed on their web site. However, you are probably right and it is somebody messing with me. Just not the way you think. Over the years, I've had t-shirts come from Louisville and West Virginia, phone calls from Tulane and East Carolina, and I've been getting the University of Cincinnati Magazine for almost a decade, now.
  22. I don't know. It is being reported that Frank Martin is a leading contender to replace Mick. They say he's unhappy at South Carolina and he makes less than Cronin was getting paid.
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