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  1. I've been donating $5/month for coming up on 11 years here in July.
  2. This, only I've quit watching college football completely if the schools I attended are not involved. Even then I do not watch all of those games live, catching most on condensed games and highlight videos. My preference would be to eliminate all of the bowl games and have a true playoff like FCS division. All conference champions get a bid and at least 6 at-large bids. I might start watching again given that scenario.
  3. Thor has been Clearwater's OL coach for the last couple of season, so the kids have an idea. He was also coaching track, I think. I look forward to the possibility that my grandson could be playing for him in a couple of years.
  4. I think they are looking to replace this guy at Hickory High.
  5. I am not sure how Google determines what is promotional, social, updates, and forums, but to eliminate the separate folders and have one unified inbox ... Open gmail in a browser. Click on the gear in the upper right hand corner of the gmail web page. When settings dialog box appears, select all settings. This will open the settings web page. In the settings web page click on the Inbox tab. Set the Inbox type to Default. Uncheck all of the categories except Primary. At the bottom of the page click on Save Changes. All of your emails should now appear with no tabs and all together in your inbox.
  6. I forgot, but I also have a digital antenna in my attic and utilize all of my DirecTV cabling to have broadcast TV, should the cable ever go out.
  7. I had DirecTV for years. We had outages due to weather, but it was workable. However, they priced themselves out of the market, at least for me anyway. Sorry I did not see this sooner, @CousinRicky . Text me if you still need help. Have mask will travel. FWIW, I have YouTube TV and am quite happy with it. For Mrs. S, I subscribe to NetFlix, HULU (base account), and Amazon Prime, where I also subscribe to Showtime, Acorn, and Brit Box. When Mrs. S wishes to binge watch all of her CBS shows, I will pick up CBS All Access for a month. I also have the base account for FrndlyTV, so Mrs. S can watch all of her Hallmark channels. With all that I still save over $100/month over what I was paying for DirecTV. I do not own a smart TV. I have a Roku on the big TV in the living room (newest TV circa 2011), Fire Sticks on the TVs in the guest rooms, and I watch TV on my one of my computer monitors in my office (27"). All of this is wireless, no cabling to run. In the worst case you may need a wifi extender or convert to a mesh router. Hope that helps some.
  8. After today's MAC announcement two prominent Power 5 AD's tell CBS sports that it is just a matter of time until the 2020 college football season will be cancelled. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/power-five-ads-inevitable-2020-college-football-season-will-not-be-played-this-fall/?fbclid=IwAR1Q9aHXUb4LMIDmEQnu2QH7VePeIHuaJOpLm1d6kKWOgMa-mkAZUuxJptc
  9. I am not an expert but I believe most contracts of this sort have an "Act of God" clause that accounts for weather and other unseen events that would prevent the game from being played. It would depend entirely on how that is worded.
  10. Former TE Jeff Hawkins has a podcast called "Changing The Field: Life After the Game" in which he interviews former athletes and the transition from the athletics to the rest of their lives. This week he interviews Thor Jozwiak, now a teacher, assistant football coach, and head track & field coach at Clearwater High. Very entertaining. Thor is probably my favorite Bull of all. He still has the passion. https://anchor.fm/ChangingTheField/episodes/Thor-Jozwiak--Football--Teacher--Coach-eeidp3
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