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  1. Was toying around with doing one of those mini-plans. Not now.
  2. Wow. I haven't see a performance that pathetic, ever. Even during the COA days.
  3. Still does not make it a bad decision. BTW, you told JTrue you weren't a betting man.
  4. And a decision I'd make 1000 out of 1000 times. There is nothing bad about his decision. You strike when the iron's hot.
  5. Had a pour at a restaurant I went to last weekend. It's OK, but I don't want to throw $35 out for a fifth of it. I'm not even sure this is a bourbon, more of a cordial, but it's referred to as a bourbon. Fred Noe is involved, so it's basically Jim Beam finished in wine casks.
  6. Got a bottle of Cooper's Craft 100 proof via UPS from my friend in the Bluegrass. At little caramelly, but considering I'm a Double Oaked kind of guy, not bad. My buddy told me to stay away from the 80 proof Cooper's Craft. Not the same and not good.
  7. Anything Buffalo Trace is getting hard to get. I have a friend, who lives up there in Kentucky, looking for Weller of any kind and he's not been able to find it. Talked to a guy at Total Wines in Clearwater and he said he can't even get Buffalo Trace. My buddy did ship me a bottle of BT, though.
  8. I think the AAC could replace the entire PAC 12 and nobody would see a difference.
  9. You have a travel board now. Away Game Travel Club
  10. What plans have been made for the UConn Game on 0ctober 5?
  11. OK, guys. Follow me slowly. I know it's a little hard, but we'll get there. Here is a link to the Game Day Grub Club. Game Day Grub I started a topic on the SMU Tailgate, if you guys wish to participate. @jchem1995, I'll try and get some pics up Saturday night or Sunday from our tailgate.
  12. Our group is doing fajitas and other Tex Mex stuff. We are going to be like Tijuana Flats, only different.
  13. I finished the antibiotics, yesterday. In fact I am having a nice pour of Woodford Double Oaked, right now. However, It was 30 bourbons in 30 days, not 30 bourbons in a week. Besides, I have to work Sunday. Doing a custom jobby that needs to be finished before Tuesday or I start taking on penalties. I will bring the Elmer T., though, and we can imbibe before the game.
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