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  1. It is. Elon, North Carolina to be exact. Between Greensboro and the Raleigh-Durham metroplex. Not sure how cheese stakes fit as a theme. Carolina BBQ is unique in that Carolina BBQ sauce is vinegar based and has mustard as a main ingredient. Might bring some Mt. Olive Pickles and Krispy Kreme donuts this weekend, too. If I were going to the Georgia Tech game, I'd definitely do a themed breakfast that included waffles and hash browns covered, smothered, chunked, ...., etc. What Atlanta has more than anything else, is Waffle Houses.
  2. swamprat


    I saw you when you as you guys were coming in, but was rushing around getting things set up. Sorry I didn't get a chance to say, hi.
  3. swamprat

    Sun Dome Naming Rights

    I love Yuengling. Hope they sell Black and Tan and Yuengling Porter. The new Golden Lager ain't bad either. Might have to catch a game or 2 next season, after all.
  4. I watch them all. There are diamonds in every rough. How can one make a 2017 highlight video without the McCants Knight drag? I've watched the 2017 UCF game several times. Each to his own, but that was a whale of a football game and a hell of a performance by Q. That game is a classic.
  5. You are the gift from upstairs. I have to download these games to make a highlight cd for Mutt, including the Houston and UCF games. Thank you for bringing this back to the top of the forum.
  6. Here are some I found for 2017 Stony Brook Illinois Temple Cincinnati Tulane UConn Tulsa Texas Tech (Birmingham Bowl)
  7. You won't be watching many replays that were on ESPN. Looks like Disney pulled the plug on them. At least the last 2 years anyway.
  8. I haven't been there since it was McAlister's Deli. We used to stop in there before basketball and baseball games. Never was busy. Hope this place hangs in there.
  9. swamprat

    USF vs UF Continues

    CCS was the DC at South Carolina before going to Florida. If they could replace UMass with the Gamecocks in 2022, it would be a complete Charlie Strong reunion schedule. Demanding respect gets you nothing. If the conference cannot get respect then USF needs to go get their own. All OOC games should be against good P5 opponents. As BullyPulPit said, "Any time. Any place."
  10. All I'm getting is a static background picture with the team logos and "Technical Difficulties" under them, the score and plate display, and audio.
  11. swamprat

    The Duke of Flatbush

    Duke Snyder's autobiography. A paperback given to me by a friend of my father, Korean War vet, and USF football season ticket holder from day one until he died a few years ago. The book is a very good read about the times in which Snyder played, including the introduction of Jackie Robinson into white baseball.
  12. swamprat


    Audio book. As usual. the book is much better than the movie. Much more detail, though that may bore some. I'm all about the details.
  13. By John Feinstein I picked this up on Audible a few years ago. It's a very interesting perspective of the lives of players, coaches, and umps in, primarily, the AAA level of the minor leagues. Players on the way up to the majors. Players on the out of the majors. Players who play their entire career in the minors. I did not know umpires have to qualify to stay keep their jobs. If they don't move up after so many years, they get moved out. Coaches who manage in the minors, just waiting for that chance to be the third base coach on their major league club.
  14. swamprat

    A Raging Bull: Chasing the Big Time

    I've read it twice. A lot of USF history and I enjoy his hoops perspective.
  15. Ah. Not just a fan, a graduate.