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  1. Tried the Ginger Infused Bourbon at my daughter's home, last night. She loves it, as does Mrs. S. A bit too sweet for me.
  2. I found an old audiobook on cassette when cleaning out the closet a year or so ago. Made me laugh when I saw it.
  3. swamprat


    I read at least 1 book a week and listen to another. I am a huge history buff, so most are biographies and history, but I indulge in murder mysteries, too, basically Michael Connelly, David Baldacci, Lee Childe, and James Patterson. I absolutely love sports history.
  4. It was the alcohol. We'd had a few or 20. I will never forget it. "You can't make an Old Fashion with Brandy!!!"
  5. Want to read this. I watched an interview with both Coach Wooden and Kareem years ago. One thing I remember from that interview was that Wooden kept referring to Kareem as Louis. After a few minutes the interviewer asked Kareem if that bothered him. Kareem said, "Coach can call me anything he wants."
  6. Got "When the Game was Ours" from Scribd this afternoon. Should start it this evening, after I finish the last couple of chapters of Michael Connelly non-sports audio book I am currently engrossed in.
  7. Rebel Yell is not a bad little bourbon. It runs between $12 and $16 a fifth.
  8. This is kind of sacrilegious, but my daughter talked me into trying Virgil Cane Ginger Infused Bourbon. I ordered a bottle through ForWhiskeyLovers.com as well of a bottle of their Rip-Track Rye bourbon. Haven't opened either, yet. I want to do it when I have time to savor or spit and drink some better.
  9. I like Evan Williams White Label Bottled in Bond. $26 for a 1.75 liter bottle, too.
  10. There is nothing like watching @CousinRicky debate a bunch of Wisconsinites on the proper way to make an Old Fashion. In a Wisconsin bar, no less.
  11. I have most of those. My favorite of that group would be the Willetts. My collection is getting rather large. It's not Cousin Ricky or NAS large, but it's getting there.
  12. If'n I'm a sippin' I drink it neat. I will usually add a splash of ice cold water when drinking at a party. Rarely use ice, except in my bourbon high balls, which I drink a lot of in the summertime.
  13. They didn't. I went to the Lightning game last night and walked by it. The building is impressive, but the logo on it is the new academic one.
  14. It's supposed to be a solar lamp, but I don't think the lamp is working. I left it out in the sun all day, today, and nothing. Kind of like our offense this year. I consider it symbolic.
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