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  1. For what it is worth, the FCS bracket is made up of 24 teams.
  2. I am for cutting the regular season back to 11 games and having a 16 team playoff. All conference champions get an automatic bid leaving 6 at large bids. Still comes out to 16 games. At the moment, most high school champions and runners up play 15.
  3. I was analyzing my PayPal subscriptions the other day and discovered that my monthly donation subscription is coming up on it's 10 year anniversary in August. It ain't much, but it's added up over time.
  4. Electrical which evolved into Computer Engineering. I'm not particularly smart, am as athletic as a piece of cardboard, do not classify with any ethnic group, and my folks made just enough money, so did not qualify for any grants or scholarships. No student loans, though. Therefore, I went to school when I had the money to do so. USF was the last.
  5. I went to the following schools, to which I give money and support. University of the Cumberlands Morehead State University University of Kentucky Marquette University I also follow Notre Dame.
  6. BTW guys, I need more "Apple Butter". @CousinRicky we can use that for the "Go Bulls" toast next fall. Only one shot needed, though.
  7. Oh yeah, as I am also an alum of UK, Go Big Blue!!
  8. Absolutely NOT a potential troll. A good person, former season ticket holder for several sports, and a friend. @nobullaboutit, looking forward to seeing you guys in the spring.
  9. Back to 10 win seasons. There's my Bulls. Comfy as an old pair of slippers.
  10. I purchased a bottle and we sampled it at the Memphis tailgate. Not my cup of tea. A bit hot for me, but for those who like high rye content in the mash, this might be right up your alley.
  11. Wow. I haven't see a performance that pathetic, ever. Even during the COA days.
  12. Still does not make it a bad decision. BTW, you told JTrue you weren't a betting man.
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