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  1. It's supposed to be a solar lamp, but I don't think the lamp is working. I left it out in the sun all day, today, and nothing. Kind of like our offense this year. I consider it symbolic.
  2. We also got a nice USF frame from a couple of dedicated out of state fans.
  3. swamprat

    Power 5 Bias

    Exactly. Let's get the name straight for what it really is, the "ESPN College Football Payoff".
  4. The numbers were hard to make out on TV, as well. I had to turn up the sound to tell who had the ball, other than Barnett, and it was evident that the announcers were having trouble reading them, too.
  5. swamprat

    USF #21 in AP Poll

    It took Florida 85 years to win their first one. Vandy has never won one.
  6. Our only chance at any championship is a conference championship. UCF losing helps our chances of obtaining that championship. 1st priority is to win something we've never won. Screw the NY6. Going for national recognition is a waste of time. Say we get to play in a NY6 bowl. Nobody will care but us. According to the talking heads, even the NY6 opponents of the G5 teams don't care, and do not want to be there. As far as I am concerned, the ESPN College Football Payoff is a major waste of time and supporting it supports it's bias and corruption. Last season, I didn't watch a single bowl game, other than ours, and I really didn't miss it. At the moment, nothing has changed for me to alter my watching this holiday season.
  7. Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band. Not allowed to criticize The Man? So that's why you never hear any Pink Floyd.
  8. swamprat

    Bye Week Plans

    In the AM, I will do lawn work and wash my vehicles. In the afternoon, I have a guy coming to show samples and give a quote for new flooring. I will continue replacing all of the electrical fixtures in mi casa, get billing done for the month, and do some work on client software. By 8 pm I should be on my first bourbon hi-ball and coasting to the finish line for the day.
  9. It is. Elon, North Carolina to be exact. Between Greensboro and the Raleigh-Durham metroplex. Not sure how cheese stakes fit as a theme. Carolina BBQ is unique in that Carolina BBQ sauce is vinegar based and has mustard as a main ingredient. Might bring some Mt. Olive Pickles and Krispy Kreme donuts this weekend, too. If I were going to the Georgia Tech game, I'd definitely do a themed breakfast that included waffles and hash browns covered, smothered, chunked, ...., etc. What Atlanta has more than anything else, is Waffle Houses.
  10. swamprat


    I saw you when you as you guys were coming in, but was rushing around getting things set up. Sorry I didn't get a chance to say, hi.
  11. swamprat

    Sun Dome Naming Rights

    I love Yuengling. Hope they sell Black and Tan and Yuengling Porter. The new Golden Lager ain't bad either. Might have to catch a game or 2 next season, after all.
  12. I watch them all. There are diamonds in every rough. How can one make a 2017 highlight video without the McCants Knight drag? I've watched the 2017 UCF game several times. Each to his own, but that was a whale of a football game and a hell of a performance by Q. That game is a classic.
  13. You are the gift from upstairs. I have to download these games to make a highlight cd for Mutt, including the Houston and UCF games. Thank you for bringing this back to the top of the forum.