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  1. All I'm getting is a static background picture with the team logos and "Technical Difficulties" under them, the score and plate display, and audio.
  2. Duke Snyder's autobiography. A paperback given to me by a friend of my father, Korean War vet, and USF football season ticket holder from day one until he died a few years ago. The book is a very good read about the times in which Snyder played, including the introduction of Jackie Robinson into white baseball.
  3. swamprat


    Audio book. As usual. the book is much better than the movie. Much more detail, though that may bore some. I'm all about the details.
  4. By John Feinstein I picked this up on Audible a few years ago. It's a very interesting perspective of the lives of players, coaches, and umps in, primarily, the AAA level of the minor leagues. Players on the way up to the majors. Players on the out of the majors. Players who play their entire career in the minors. I did not know umpires have to qualify to stay keep their jobs. If they don't move up after so many years, they get moved out. Coaches who manage in the minors, just waiting for that chance to be the third base coach on their major league club.
  5. I've read it twice. A lot of USF history and I enjoy his hoops perspective.
  6. swamprat

    Tampa International Airport

    Ah. Not just a fan, a graduate.
  7. swamprat

    Where is the USF ad?

    Hulu is streaming all of the games and is an official NHL sponsor of the playoffs. Gatorade is also an official NHL sponsor. In the playoffs, the NHL sponsors supersede the team sponsors for board location. A couple of years ago, SAP displaced USF completely.
  8. swamprat


    On the Roku, go to Streaming Channels, Search Channels, then type in TheIdentityTB. It's all one word, so start the search with the
  9. swamprat

    Big? series coming up this weekend

    Yeah, but even he did not pitch in the 9th. Do the Bulls not have a legitimate closer, now? I know I used to give Lelo a hard time for changing pitchers too often, it was like a parade to the mound, but after Pete gave up 2 singles to start the 9th, I thought CBM would have gone to the pen.
  10. swamprat

    Welcome comca01

    Is comca01 on the other side of the international date line or am I in an episode of Dr. Who?
  11. swamprat

    A trip down memory lane

    I watch the game at least once a year, sometimes twice, and always before a new season begins.
  12. Once a Bull, always a Bull. Nice kid. I wish him all the best.
  13. swamprat

    No Memphis game thread?

    They got the lead under 10 with 2 minutes to go, but couldn't finish the comeback. I see things that make me hopeful for the future. No quit in them tonight.
  14. @Brad you need to charge your phone, bud.