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  1. Heading up with 6 total Bulls - were there for the 08 game and had a good time despite the loss. planning on tailgating somewhere around the stadium if some other bulls fans want to try and meet up. if anyone is familiar with the area (i dont remember much about the area around the stadium) would be awesome for some pointers.
  2. long time lurker, first time poster... we're making the trip up this year after a great (yet disappointing) trip in '08. Tailgated in a lot near the stadium with a few other USF fans by pure luck - including George Selvie's family. Anyone else have a great place or planning a real tailgate around the stadium with other USF fans?
  3. hey guys!!! first timer here. we're row c but have no idea what seats. hopefully you guys are a little more exciting than sec 126 at RJS. old people everywhere! GO BULLS and see you saturday for a butt-whoopin!
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