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  1. This is the first game I've been to in my life. Ever....
  2. BullTiger

    Slow-up on the CCS hate

    The thing I don't get, is how does our defense get worse in Charlie Strong's second year. He was supposed to build the defense of old. I think we are seeing Taggert's recruiting carry over on offense, and defense. Hopefully CCS is loading the defensive cupboard and keeping the weapons coming on offense. I just can't wait for the day when we get an offense and a defense at the top of third game. It seems we can't have both. Next year is our best chance. Fingers crossed.
  3. This board should sell opposing team jerseys during the games. It would fund the site for decades.
  4. BullTiger

    One for GT

    Also, willing to trade one club access ticket in section 234 for the UCiF game if interested.
  5. BullTiger

    One for GT

    Looking for a single east side club access ticket for GT game. Section 234 best, however any East side club access would be awesome!
  6. BullTiger

    Sun Dome Naming Rights

    Man, you kind of have a little unhealthy distaste for a very mild and in all honesty pretty tolerable beer. I mean I like lots of beers out there, and really don't care for some, but to say you'd turn a Yuengling down if offered is a little ridiculous. It's not like it's Bud Light for god's sake.
  7. BullTiger

    Frost to Nebraska

    Skip Holtz to UCF!
  8. Or, unfortunately, to allow for their well deserved ranking...
  9. What a bunch of whiney comments. Our team hasn't scored less than 30 points in the equivalent of two years, our defense is leaps and bounds beyond last year and our offense finds a way with an entirely new scheme. This isn't the gulf coast offense anymore. It's the offense that scores more than the other team. We just beat a conference opponent who runs a unique offense, at there house when they were completely pumped up to play us and we were sleep walking through the whole game. Good teams beat bad teams even when they aren't playing well. If you haven't been a fan long you might not know this, but we usually loose a game or five to teams we should beat. That's not happening yet. Have a drink, rewatch the game and thank your stars we have Q.
  10. Wow. Two ranked undefeated teams lose to teams they should have readily handled. Take care of business and give the committee something to think about. If nothing else it will make them eventually consider a g5 school.
  11. Cal up by 10. Man this could be a crazy weekend! We deserve it after the last 5 weeks starting with Irma!
  12. BullTiger

    Longest Current Win Streak

    WSU is down by 10 now too!
  13. BullTiger

    Maybe their stadium is a dump after all

    I sense a bit of a man crush. He sounds dreamy.
  14. There goes one ranked team down. The sixth week has been good to us in the past!
  15. BullTiger

    538 playoff predictor

    Hehehehehehe. Now that's funny.