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  1. We are gonna need someone to step up behind Bronson, Kegler and Pickney. Right now I think Kirby and Stanley are getting reps on the inside. Hopefully the duke transfer makes his way back.
  2. tburns

    Predicting the starters next year

    Offense QB: Oladuken/Kean RB: Cronkite/Sands TE: Dillon/Wilcox LT: Mayes/Polk LG: Wiggs/Marcellus C: Galati/Larkin RG: Attebury/Harris RT: Norman/Gainer WR: Salomon/Dukes WR: McCants/Bronson Slot: Antoine/Phillips Defense DT: Bronson/Boyce DT: Pinkney/Kegler DE: Livingstone/Price DE: Reaves/Black LB: Sawtelle/Polk LB: Johnson/Bayes CB: Wilkins/Hampton CB: Culpepper/Roberts S: Thomas/Farrar S: Magee/Watts NB: Hoggins/Ferguson
  3. tburns

    Predicting the starters next year

    I think he was buried on depth chart behind Kegler and Pickney. Not sure his status going into spring practice.
  4. tburns


    Sad that it took 21 points in 1st qtr for Strong to realize that.
  5. tburns


    Might be better to play this on the road. Not a good look when you only get 25k for a championship game.
  6. tburns

    Well we held on ...

    And they moved up one spot in the polls. What a joke.
  7. tburns

    Illinois Attendance

    Hopefully this weeks game is not any less but I have my doubts.
  8. tburns

    Martin Fennelly Weighs in on the FB Season

    I disagree with the notion that a G5 team can't make the playoff. Houston had a great chance last year if they had won out.
  9. Agreed, Dukes did have a big spring, I'm sure he will be in the mix as well.
  10. QB- Flowers/Kean/Oladuken RB- Johnson/Tice/Mack TE- Wilcox, Dillon WR- Valdez Scanting/Salomon WR- McCants/Bronson Slot- Antoine/Barr LT- Mayes/Atterbury LG- Hall/Larkin/Robertson C- Ruff/Galati RG- Wiggs/Bethel RT-Norman/Polk * Transfer WR from Rice might make early impact DE- Love/Brown/Black DT- Senat/Gonzalez DT- Hector/Bronson DE- Livingstone/Jackson/Johnson LB- Sanchez/Thomas LB- Polk/Sawtelle/Bayes CB- Nichols/Hampton CB- Hoggins/Wilkins NB- McGee/Watts SS- Abraham/Ferguson FS- Fullwood/Thomas *Juco Farrar and freshman Naytron Culpepper maybe make early impact.
  11. tburns


    Multiple games the 200 level was completely empty including fsu and ucf. Not to mention the band now sits in the student section. Agreed the rest of attendance is also an issue.
  12. tburns


    Really hope that we have at least 30k in the seats for the ESPN games against illinois and temple. Student turnout needs to be much better then last year.
  13. tburns

    Attendance Article

    http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bulls/usf-season-ticket-sales-up-by-more-than-3000/2291508 This article had season ticket sales over 15k last year. Hopefully be closer to 18-20 this year. If I remember correctly 2007-2008 had 22-23k.
  14. tburns


    Student section looks awful.