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  1. mikemcp88

    Defense in 4th Quarter

    Defense stepped up last night in a big way.
  2. I would like to see this happen. Don't see Gilbert sticking around here that long.
  3. mikemcp88

    What if.....

    King has to be closer to achieving this than Sanchez in the near future based on experience. I would love to have an alum be our coach. An alum may be the coach we need who is willing to stay longer than someone like Strong or Taggart.
  4. mikemcp88

    What if.....

    Would be pretty neat if King can grow into a coach with us someday. He has been in the community for a while and has relationships with the HS coaching staff in the area which would be a huge plus.
  5. mikemcp88

    What if.....

    Frost will figure it out. He is a good coach.
  6. I can't believe this still. Wouldn't be surprised if we drop 1-2 spots in rankings if others win
  7. This team is going to give me a heart attack some day