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  1. deters-

    @ UMass TV

    NESN is channel 97 on FiOS
  2. deters-

    Girls of Threads

    Don't like it, don't click it. Get that SJW crap outta here!
  3. deters-


    For real. Even after the success they've garnered over us, we still live rent free in their feable little minds. Such a pathetic fanbase.
  4. Several of us noticed it at the game. An extra defender ran on late. Nobody on the field noticed I guess lol. Game was over anyways.
  5. deters-

    The Keglerator

    I still have no clue how he held onto the ball after that hit.
  6. Selling my 2 tickets. Been invited into a suite and don't need then anymore. Local pickup. $50 total for both.
  7. YES! So excited with FSU being my 2nd team. Gonna be interesting watching WT and JL up in Tally!
  8. Mccants is my favorite player on this team other than Q. He is a grown m'fn man out on the field.
  9. Completely agree. To not at least appear in the title game would've been a failure with this team. Another wasted year and now back to rebuild mode, meanwhile our rivals rack up another title just two years removed from 0-12. USF must be cursed or something.
  10. USF is like the bucs. They could never get over the hump until gruden. We need a better coach. Strong isn't the man. You can't inherit this much and lose in a terrible conference.
  11. Of course not. If we win 6 that's a stretch. Too much turnover in talent and unproven QBs. I'll be ecstatic for anything over 4 wins.
  12. deters-

    AAC to Big 5 Gap Is Clear

    Do you need a safe space for my comments? UCF can get f'd. It's a rivalry and I hate that program. They just stole the biggest game in program history from us. So f them and I hope they get destroyed brutally.
  13. deters-

    AAC to Big 5 Gap Is Clear

    Most certainly anyone in the aac won't be able to compete with Georgia or the other ny6 teams. UCF isn't that strong, Memphis plays worse defense than both our schools, and USF has bad coaching and mental errors out the ass. I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy UCF get pummeled like Hawaii did in the BCS era.
  14. deters-

    AAC to Big 5 Gap Is Clear

    This USF team wouldn't lose against FSU or UF. They both suck bad.