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  1. I thought 9-3 before the season, now looking like 7-5.... Yikes.
  2. He has no pocket awareness because there is no pocket. It gets pushed into his face instantly. There is zero protection every down. He can't read his progressions because he's running for his life constantly. We cannot even block on extra points ffs. This teams issue ues are coaching and lack of talent on both lines.
  3. Fire the entire staff tonight. This is a joke. He's fine. We have no offensive line to block for him. Both lines on this team are pure crap. Worst in years.
  4. I hate this fickle fanbase and Tampa area. What a disgrace it is for these kids to run out to this garbage crowd. What a joke. This area should be ashamed of themselves.
  5. deters-

    Gilbert has to go

    Holy crap both sides of the ball looked bad. And what is this, going on 3 years we can't block on kicks? Pathetic.
  6. deters-

    Offensive Playcalling

    Poor blocking and not enough play balance to offset said bad blocking. They didn't help Blake out much when the line couldn't protect his butt.
  7. deters-

    Drunk ECU fan

    I mean, I love it when my girl licks mine lol
  8. NESN is channel 97 on FiOS
  9. deters-

    Girls of Threads

    Don't like it, don't click it. Get that SJW crap outta here!
  10. deters-


    For real. Even after the success they've garnered over us, we still live rent free in their feable little minds. Such a pathetic fanbase.
  11. Several of us noticed it at the game. An extra defender ran on late. Nobody on the field noticed I guess lol. Game was over anyways.
  12. deters-

    The Keglerator

    I still have no clue how he held onto the ball after that hit.
  13. Selling my 2 tickets. Been invited into a suite and don't need then anymore. Local pickup. $50 total for both.