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  1. USF 44th, UCF 79th. Hahaha. Crushing them off the field and soon we will destroy them again on the field.
  2. I didn't watch any of their games. Is he running the Erhardt-Perkins offense like his dad did?
  3. His highlights looked good but I want to see the whole tape. Just by looking at the highlights though, he showed poise, accuracy, patience, scrambling ability and some read progression. His throwing motion was relatively clean too with good strength. Like all young QBs though, it all boils down if they can do everything or the majority mentioned above consistently while limiting turnovers. Time will tell but kid will certainly have a shot at starting.
  4. I think we can be successful but it depends on what we can bring in for sure. Having a good offensive line is key for anything we do. Without it, we will look terrible. Even an average to above average QB can lead us to a championship behind a good OL and good defense. Both our lines were pathetic last year. We must improve in the trenches or we will continue to be plagued with losses and poor performances. I believe CJS can coach up these guys and whoever he brings in. A great leader like Flowers masked the issues up front, the defense doesn't have that benefit, nor does our offense right now because there isn't a major playmaker anywhere. I would've loved to have seen what CJS could've done with Wilcox. He was so criminally underutilized last year. A TE like him can open up the entire offense to plays.
  5. It fails here because we've consistently recruited athletes that can play QB, not quality QBs with proper fundamentals, good vision and a capable arm. Mix that with terrible offensive coordinators, a junk OL and receivers that drop more passes than catches and no wonder it fails. It's a lack of talent, not the style of play. Just having an offensive line that could block worth a **** would instantly improve the offense no matter what system we run. That is the most important place to recruit imo, followed by QB.
  6. I'm not sure why so many people here hate the pro style QB. Just because they're listed that doesn't mean they aren't athletic. It doesn't mean 7 step drops and I formation dives. Today's pro style is nearly all shotgun passing, split backs, two TE and play action off a 3-5 step drop. You people have an aversion to it because we've never had a quality passing QB teamed up with a coach who was imaginative in play-calling.
  7. USF will never be Alabama or Ohio State in terms of prestige, but if the man can win and do it for a long time, he will become a legend at this school and be honored like one. Also, it's freaking Tampa, one of the best places in the nation to live and grow up.
  8. Dang, I'm gonna miss Draper. I secretly had the hots for her.
  9. One of the weak points of the team for sure. We need bigger, stronger and faster guys out there. A lot of that is on the S&C but we need better recruits on both lines BAD.
  10. Looks good to me! Can't have too many quality assistants and coaches from a winning program.
  11. Regressing towards the end? 2009 saw his starting QB tear his ACL in week 3 and we still managed 8 wins in a conference that had 6 teams with 8+ wins and 3 top 25 teams that year. Out of all 5 of those seasons you list only 2008 was a down season. We had a veteran team with a junior 3 year starting QB. 2007 ended poorly due to injuries and we got rocked in the bowl game by Oregon who would've likely been in the National Title game if not for Dixon tearing his ACL. Leavitt did more with little than anyone could've ever imagined. Do I want him back, not really. I want youth but we can a helluva lot worse than Leavitt. He would still be a quality hire. I'm done going back and forth with you.
  12. No use arguing with an ignorant fool man. Logic isn't relatable.
  13. Holtz was a bum that wasted BJ Daniels and plenty other talented players Leavitt recruited. If Grothe doesn't tear his ACL, Leavitt likely never gets fired. Give Taggert the same team Holtz had and it's similar to 2016. His first several seasons in the BE were with CUSA level or worse recruits, a bad QB in Julmiste (2005) and then starting over with a freshman in Grothe. The 2007 season was the first one with actual expectations and we had a good season until injuries hit and tested our terrible depth. While 2008 had 3 one possession score losses which could've gone either way. For all his teams faults, Leavitt made massive strides with little to work with. Was he Nick Saban, hell no, but he was no Skip Holtz. Leavitt is a rock solid ball coach that can easily get us back to 9+ wins and contending for titles in this trash conference.
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