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  1. ahoyboy

    New AD Search

    Home run hire.
  2. ahoyboy

    Sun Dome Naming Rights

    Having a soft spot for St. Pete, I hope it's referred to as: "The Sandman Hotel Center."
  3. ahoyboy

    Looks Like Sun Dome has a Sponsor Name

    Personally I would prefer......Wait for it............The Kilian's Red Dome!
  4. ahoyboy

    Football Complex (IPF) News

    Exactly. Just ask the Bucs. They had more success when they practiced at their meager location by the airport (playoff wins, championship games, Superbowl). They haven't done a thing since moving into their new "palace."......They were supposed to attract all the top free agents with that place...What a joke.
  5. ahoyboy


    Pyrrhic victory....We will lose badly next week. Just being realistic. The Defense has NO fight. None.
  6. ahoyboy

    CCS and Coaching Openings

    Strong won't be going to UF.
  7. ahoyboy

    Maybe their stadium is a dump after all

    All of the "bouncing" is very beneficial to the structural integrity.
  8. ahoyboy

    10 years ago today

    Drank a bunch of beer and watched the whole game last night. I tricked my wife and told her to look at "how full the stadium is for tonight's game." .......She thought it was real time.
  9. ahoyboy

    10 years ago today

    And then the greed of ESPN, the main conferences and their collaboration/collusion to prevent inroads for schools like USF occurred.
  10. ahoyboy

    Attendance is an embarrassment

    I have more fun when there is no one there to watch. I had a great time Wednesday night. Unfortunately, they didn't turn the lights on. I still had fun though.
  11. Strong will regret that "jab.".....Never criticize the customer or potential customers. Bad move. How did the big crowds help him at TX?
  12. ahoyboy

    USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    Translation: "It would be great to have a stadium and we know where we would like it built, we just need to figure out how to pay for it. Currently, we don't have the revenue but we need your support, we need you to go the games for the next 10 years, and once that happens then we can revisit."
  13. Nothing more than self aggrandizing hyperbole on her part.