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  1. Agreed. I see no reason UF would support USF moving to the Big 12. Only downsides for the Gators, especially from a recruiting standpoint. Texas and OU would gain a stronger foothold for top tier talent in the state, which is of no benefit to the Gators.
  2. Don't forget Sweet Lou Piniella, Tony LaRussa, and Channing Tatum.
  3. Hulk Hogan, John Gruden, Tony Dungy, Derek Jeter, **** Vitale, John Cena...the list goes on.
  4. Our group sets up in Lot 6. Excellent tailgate scene, no doubt. Prepaid parking passes are the way to go.
  5. Congrats to B.J. He's living his dream and he is also getting reconnected with Coach Leavitt.
  6. We are no lock to beat McNeese, but come one UConn.
  7. I am extremely excited about Fox Sports 1 and hope it develops in to some good competition for ESPN. Looking at some of the personalities associated with the new network, it has the potential.
  8. Well, its a movement in the right direction. At least we have one now. As the season pans out and some teams in the conference make some noise, ESPN might give that blog a little more attention.
  9. Miami ticket is just terrible. Cute idea having a kid's drawing on there, but this is just embarrassing.
  10. Dont know exactly how much they would get for the naming rights to a college baseball or softball stadium, but worth a shot I guess. I think baseball should stay "Red McEwen Field."
  11. It was only a matter of time until Bill got an AD offer. Congrats to him.
  12. Good to see. I've never understood why they built the facility so far off of alumni drive...I guess to connect it to the President's House (Where Judy doesn't live).
  13. There is no way they can use the northeast corner dubbed "The Meadows" for an OCS due to it being a part of the eco preserve, correct?
  14. Hopefully, the location south of the Dome is still it ... I like that location, and if I remember correctly, a previous master plan has 2 parking garages running north-south along Maple to make up for the lost parking by building a stadium there. Although I like the location of where the current tennis facility is because it is close to the dorms, the south of the Sun Dome is the next best thing for an OCS.
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