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  1. football signing day be prepared, yo!
  2. bobby's world. lest us not forget his 4th qtr performance to clinch win at the U. i enjoyed it at Gator's over a basket of wings.
  3. a season of tough L's. onto the next...
  4. thinking about hitting the men's game next Sat, contingent on a W against Tulsa today. Bolts v. NYI tix already locked for next Sun.
  5. at what record will this team become a home draw? were there bodies at the Ying tonight?
  6. unpopular opinion in a football state, but I'd quickly forfeit FB success to the sports gods for a MBB program that consistently competed for tourney berths. thrill just isn't the same with g5 era FB and all of the nonsense we know came along with busch league relegation.
  7. USF MBB W7?!? Month+ without an L. Could just as easily be undefeated this season sans 5pts.
  8. Jim Leavitt's head coaching window has closed. He masterminded a program from scratch to success, secured a legacy, and racked millions along the way. What more can a man aspire to achieve at the peak of his career? Not discounting his ability to land a HC position. Plenty more egregious perpetrators have retaken the helm after their 2nd or 3rd apology tour. As one of the better defensive minds in the game, CJL will be just fine riding out his golden years in a coordinator position.
  9. psteazy

    Does USF football exist?

    thread title reads like an existential dilemma
  10. it will be gaudy and arcade like. abandoning classic uni from big east era aligned us with the other power ranger squads of non-BCS variety. no regard for history or sense of tradition. kids don't need to dawn flashy future suits when onfield product n program clout is undeniable. usf comfy with the peewee mac n mwc squads we've been ragging on since highschool daze.
  11. psteazy

    Gasparilla Bowl

    over/under on alc related arrests/hospitalizations if this was true