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  1. flowers/mack backfield the stuff of legend. not likely to be duplicated anytime soon
  2. CBI contract stipulates all commemorative regalia include both, 'Presented by Roman' and 'Gazelle Media Group', with an annual recurring fee of $1,500 paid in perpetuity for period of display.
  3. rep! #20 Adidas jerseys being donned far and wide today, amirite?
  4. cbi is the participation trophy of post-season invites. is this tourny even televised? what do you think, 2 more Ws for an NIT berth, and ~4 more for an NCAA selection?
  5. 21-22W season in the P6 conf should justify a berth, no? as an aside, let's go Catamounts
  6. i recognize. couldn't have had a lousier showing than antigua tho, no? orlando really fanned all the flames of his dumpster fire
  7. still think we would have been better off with Steve Masiello, had he not hit the resume snag
  8. bobby's world. lest us not forget his 4th qtr performance to clinch win at the U. i enjoyed it at Gator's over a basket of wings.
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