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  1. Leavitt's wife a smokeshow, no shocker obviously. FL blondes a breed of their own, is it an irish/scottish thing?
  2. I've actually felt bitter towards usf bball as of late, in that I feel robbed by mismanagement and ineptitude of what should be a source of personal entertainment and a social campfire for friend group. how this program failed to capitalize on membership in greatest bball conference of all time during our tenure, specifically in bolstering fan support and recruiting, and seemingly now have nothing to show from this period aside from facilities, is frustrating and perplexing. what midmajor teams accomplish year in and year out with comparable or lesser resources is astonishing compared to this disaster. an aside, tourny run was senior yr and we threw memorable house parties during games that I have warm memories from, and following last season's CBI run in nyc sportsbars was a thrill ride. I want another hit of that good **** damnit! once you know what's possible, it's more difficult to shake off the losing trend with some self-depricating, ho-hum usf-ism. go bolts
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/26058212/madness-turns-sadness%3fplatform=amp College Basketball Misery Index South Florida Bulls 32.47 Previous seed: 2 USF basketball fans aren't the most demanding, realizing that the growth of their football program (and subsequent move up the conference food chain) makes it tough for basketball. That said, Bulls basketball hasn't delivered in its 40-plus years of existence. South Florida has made the NCAA tournament three times and has won only two tournament games, both in 2012. Even that 2012 season wasn't worth getting excited about as a) the Bulls won with a very hard-to-watch, defensive style that kept scoring in the 50s or lower and b) it was followed by six straight seasons of 19 or more losses. USF has won only two conference titles, making its quest to gain respect a harrowing one. All of this was made worse by rival UCF having the best season in its history last year.
  4. 3 hots and a cot, or more preferably 3 hots in my cot. beta partied hard, good times!
  5. I'll take 1 mcmansion, supersized, hold the florida room.
  6. for a marketing squad cut from the wwe ilk, unfortunate they landed on such arbitrary team branding. vipers? guardians? 90s arcade football franchises, cartoonish. what's Vegas o/u on how many seasons this thing will last?
  7. what a let down this season's been. back to the doldrums after hanging a banner in rafters. of course USF proves stats wrong of CBI winners finding postseason success the following year. let's go RU
  8. around the Lightning? let's go Bolts, what a run leading into allstar break.
  9. long live The Jim. what am I still doing lurking this god forsaken place a decade later? thanks for reminder OP
  10. FAU = rebound U. Bill T has achieved more in 'his respective career' than 99.9% of his peers coaching football nationally, with 8 figures in the bank to prove it.
  11. after 6 bowl wins and a 10W season, one would think bigger programs would have eyes on him, unless he doesn't have IT
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