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  1. i assure you whatever sporting experience you think awaits you in sundome is not worth risk of contracting covid. - ny'r who caught the 'vid
  2. best betting strategy to profit off of the guaranteed losses and inept performances we're assused for remainder of season?
  3. dynamic targeting google display ads. cookie based, but also just broad audience placement. i wouldn't take it personally, the depth of capability on platform is uncanny. they say google averages a gig+ of data on each individual user.
  4. could rewatch that last inning again and again, magic. -yanks fan
  5. with a slight adjustment to your post wording, you'd fit right in with most Tampa residents.
  6. to clarify, my remark on the athletic success elsewhere around tampa bay wasn't intended as a statement related to usf's failures, but as a standalone off-topic observation to ground usf fans in a more positive reality
  7. our failures will amount to an eventual turnaround. right now TBL are Lord Stanley's Champions, the Rays are contending for an ALCS pennant, and the Bucs sit atop the NFC South. meanwhile in cfb, 0-0 teams are being annointed top 10 ranking 1/3 of the way through the season. ncaa 2020 is a punchline and an afterthought
  8. anyone in this thread follow NHL and MLB? perhaps even NFL? find solace elsewhere around TB, friends. trust in coach scott and let this thing marinate a season or two. taking NCAA FB seriously in 2020 is a misuse of your time and energies.
  9. mighty morphin.. is it hoops season yet?
  10. quite a list of accolades riddled off in Marlon's intro, mention of South Florida. 10min on-air segments, covers a lot of ground. rome is insufferable in his broadcast, but he's a master interviewer.
  11. Listening now on CBS Radio, interview during first hour of his program today. Good to see Marlon's star still shining bright. Ill post a recording later.
  12. thread reeks of patchouli and kind bud
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