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  1. psteazy

    Duke Transfer

    took three reads of tweet before it registered as fb news.
  2. there must be a few for-profit colleges in the area to reference for precedent. maybe we could work-in a corporate sponsor somewhere in the graphic like Denny's, Chick-fil-A, or Target; a representation of the the long-standing local institutions surrounding our campus. think total Disneyfication. just spitballing here.
  3. How long until our grand entrance signage is swapped?
  4. I heard $2mil/2yrs of redesign and strategy.
  5. wish I had the mental bandwidth to lay out my critique of this brand refresh blunder. qualms are many, what a disaster.
  6. point of pride. as a realist though, we would get trounced by any squad on that list not in the AAC. the hilarity that we're two spots from a team like Penn State. incomparable on-field product between programs.
  7. psteazy

    Cool Recap

    for whoever else couldn't find um on google's score module. highlights.
  8. psteazy


    USF only favored in 3 of final 7 matchups? loot to be made.
  9. dude's a deadbeat at work, with the potential to earn $14m in a severance package. nonsense. also, motorcycles.
  10. psteazy

    Oops They Did It Again....

    stop the presses! TBT circulation numbers in print probably dogshit anyway. guess there's plenty of elderly in hillsborough and pinellas to keep paper afloat, ya? vocal minority out in full force online. seem like I never hear anything positive about our beat writers through the years. obviously an analytic decision by brass to slight USF in favor of P3 coverage, rite? either way, mack/flowers vs. cronkrite/barnett, what a beautiful thing.
  11. is firing CSH the most significant misstep in USF athletics history?
  12. as a tbp member, dominique jones jersey wearing, ncaa birth during undergrad type fan, i couldnt even tell you who our headcoach is. how do we spend all those yrs in greatest bball conference of all time, and come out disadvantaged beyond all other aac programs. pitiful
  13. Leavitt's Big East era defenses were savage
  14. psteazy

    150th Win

    significant milestone in its own right, but is the comparison really valid? "Gator's mark" must have been set sometime in early 20th century, no? two different games being played on the gridiron.