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  1. life has complicated itself to such a degree the past year or two that i'd completely forgotten this particular usf misstep. thanks for the laugh, what a gaffe
  2. what odds, size bet, etc. would you be willing to engage in 'for' OCS as a reality during this decade?
  3. with all the capital avail to university, its a complete mystery how endowment/trust/etc didn't double ~YTD. who didn't get filthy rich at the institutional level during covid markets?
  4. please usf, shift all avail athletic resources into hoops program and let's rack a few tourny appearances while im still young enough to give a ****/mbb isn't fully denuded by new G-league.
  5. straight up crook. hilarious to think about those board room meetings deciding Heath firing and Orlando hiring. who can be that incompetant at their job and still get paid at an executive level? how do i siphon money from my alma mater's endowment? prob why our athletic dept is a laughing stock.
  6. hope he gets his pay day, they extorted his talent at those contract numbers. that said, guy made more in 4yrs of work, under 25, than many amer could hope to make in a 30yr career. with $3m+ in the bank n a financial advisor, he's set. likely he'll land somewhere as a limited down guy, or a practice squad rackin 200k a year.
  7. just purchased seven so i've got a crisp marble camo polo for each day of the week
  8. im denouncing my faith, that was brutal. if i've seen a slippier game played, it's been blocked out of memory. tough life as a mbb fan when usf's your alma
  9. also, flipping to clemson/fsu on commercial breaks is like watching a diff sport
  10. laughable first half by both squads. mem goes ~7min no baskets n its a tie game. scoreboards higher in a wnba match
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