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  1. mighty morphin.. is it hoops season yet?
  2. quite a list of accolades riddled off in Marlon's intro, mention of South Florida. 10min on-air segments, covers a lot of ground. rome is insufferable in his broadcast, but he's a master interviewer.
  3. Listening now on CBS Radio, interview during first hour of his program today. Good to see Marlon's star still shining bright. Ill post a recording later.
  4. thread reeks of patchouli and kind bud
  5. imagine your university having an unpaid college athlete with some underlying, undiagnosed heart valve condition that's amplified by a covid complication and he succumbs. do you want to be on that board, sorting through the litany of pr mudslinging and litigation to follow? plus the vitriol you can expect today's student body to dish out? hard pass. if you're schools the unfortunate 'chosen one', it could literally ruin your program, or certainly tarnish it for foreseeable future. their longterm risk tolerance as a conference was weighed against shorterm revenue loss and th
  6. huge loss for the greater cfb landscape. with no UCONN fb, what can we expect the casual fan to tune into any given Saturday?
  7. copper top. correct the record, that was the spot. bomb wings. shame they shuttered, place was a 'college town' hold-out in the Fowler franchise apocalypse.
  8. i will never forget watching that back-up QB lead us to an unlikely victory (OT?) in coral gables when we had that multi year stint with UM. sunny late season nooner, slightly hungover, just the right amount of stoned, at Gators off Fowler eating wings. to be young(er) again..
  9. a failed attempt at a TBP inside joke if it's lost on puc. oh well, next time i'll work in a setup
  10. please covid, give my bolts and bombers a shot to take what was supposed to be rightly theirs. you can have this throwaway cfb season as a sacrifice. love, unwashed heathen
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