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  1. what a let down this season's been. back to the doldrums after hanging a banner in rafters. of course USF proves stats wrong of CBI winners finding postseason success the following year. let's go RU
  2. around the Lightning? let's go Bolts, what a run leading into allstar break.
  3. long live The Jim. what am I still doing lurking this god forsaken place a decade later? thanks for reminder OP
  4. FAU = rebound U. Bill T has achieved more in 'his respective career' than 99.9% of his peers coaching football nationally, with 8 figures in the bank to prove it.
  5. after 6 bowl wins and a 10W season, one would think bigger programs would have eyes on him, unless he doesn't have IT
  6. backfield with most talented QB in program history and a 1000 yd NFL rusher, still couldn't figure out an AAC title. rough
  7. CJL landing a kushy 'retirement' gig. prob set himself up with a nice waterfront hacienda n coordinate his way off into the sunset. earned
  8. spoiler, first field listed at his link is Penn. some people, dude
  9. Captain Literal right here. bar stool facts, how do they work? "UC has used the Nippert site as a playing field since 1901, making it the second-oldest playing site in the nation for college football behind Penn's Franklin Field (1895)." https://gobearcats.com/facilities/nippert-stadium/2
  10. mods, please merge this with the Conference Realignment and Rumors thread
  11. MILFs per capita. Tampa Bay is a major league city first, that [fortunately] attracts top professionals from all of Florida's academic institutions to contribute economically. Easiest to resign ourselves to the fact that the proverbial "FSU-UF score announcement" will receive more fanfare than most things USF related in this city now and likely forever.
  12. because it draws a professional pool from the two top-tier instate institutions? Tampa Bay's a top 10 metropolitan area, not a college town, as we all need to be reminded of at times.
  13. exactly, a salesman is as important to this program as the W's, as winning here doesn't hold up on it's own. confident scott will leverage a winning onfield product to grow USF football in ways previous coaches failed.
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