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  1. http://www.espn.com/espnradio/newyork/podcast/archive/_/id/20906724 https://espnpressroom.com/us/bios/anita-marks/ "Marks earned a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree in Communications from the University of South Florida." Surprised there's not more fanfare from Athletics around Anita as an esteemed alum. She has a weekly midday Sat/Sun live show on the largest ESPN Radio network, with national syndication, and often gets cover duty during week, along with latenight slots. Heard her rep USF on air live just today. Am i shocked by the lack of coverage or regard by USF marketing? Not at all. Gold standard for success in a male dominated sports media industry, or otherwise really.
  2. haven't posted in a while. university area is largely abysmal and truly a blight for students. as someone nearly a decade removed and making annual trips to st pete and DT, the lack of development around USF is a shame. how no one has leveraged the pool of student capital to build up a thriving local economy continues to irk me. oh well, florida'd.
  3. betting on myself. i'm considering appealing to ncaa for eligibility reinstatement as a doctorate student, maybe try and fold in some religious mission extension, a la byu with the random 30yr old player every few yrs. wouldn't go through with this if i didn't think there was a legitimate chance to sit on top of depth chart. or there won't be g5 college football this season, in any traditional sense at least. prob one of the two above outcomes likely
  4. bravo, illini program notoriously crippled by astute academic requirements for athletes. feel like moffit played during my undergrad, how's this guy got a college age kid?
  5. obviously the '97 to #2 decade ascension, then firing of Leavitt. contextualize 'big 4' thing, dissolution of BE on tailend, etc. plenty of ponderosa footage, ya kno?
  6. tough to qualify this statement now given the current circumstance, but few things would bring me more joy than a 20+ win reg season and a pair of W's in 2021 tourny, outside of an opportunity for two chicks at the same time of course.
  7. Leavitt's wife a smokeshow, no shocker obviously. FL blondes a breed of their own, is it an irish/scottish thing?
  8. I've actually felt bitter towards usf bball as of late, in that I feel robbed by mismanagement and ineptitude of what should be a source of personal entertainment and a social campfire for friend group. how this program failed to capitalize on membership in greatest bball conference of all time during our tenure, specifically in bolstering fan support and recruiting, and seemingly now have nothing to show from this period aside from facilities, is frustrating and perplexing. what midmajor teams accomplish year in and year out with comparable or lesser resources is astonishing compared to this disaster. an aside, tourny run was senior yr and we threw memorable house parties during games that I have warm memories from, and following last season's CBI run in nyc sportsbars was a thrill ride. I want another hit of that good **** damnit! once you know what's possible, it's more difficult to shake off the losing trend with some self-depricating, ho-hum usf-ism. go bolts
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/26058212/madness-turns-sadness%3fplatform=amp College Basketball Misery Index South Florida Bulls 32.47 Previous seed: 2 USF basketball fans aren't the most demanding, realizing that the growth of their football program (and subsequent move up the conference food chain) makes it tough for basketball. That said, Bulls basketball hasn't delivered in its 40-plus years of existence. South Florida has made the NCAA tournament three times and has won only two tournament games, both in 2012. Even that 2012 season wasn't worth getting excited about as a) the Bulls won with a very hard-to-watch, defensive style that kept scoring in the 50s or lower and b) it was followed by six straight seasons of 19 or more losses. USF has won only two conference titles, making its quest to gain respect a harrowing one. All of this was made worse by rival UCF having the best season in its history last year.
  10. 3 hots and a cot, or more preferably 3 hots in my cot. beta partied hard, good times!
  11. I'll take 1 mcmansion, supersized, hold the florida room.
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