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  1. McNealy didn't do well in his first round of The Open, +8 (T148, currently) after the first round. That's good for Niemann.
  2. Did my part....We're down $1468 left to fully fund.
  3. True Fan just watched OUR Bulls take a step forward. Wow what a win. Thank You Coach Tagert and all the men on the team. Very entertaining game. About time
  4. If the Oline can keep him off his butt he will be a record setter… Seemed calm in the pocket.
  5. I understand, I'm frustrated with the lose but like you said a lot of good thing to point to. Think this team has a good future with White. Still early but he definitely has confidence. Only bring confidence to to the rest of the team to include the defense.
  6. Yea Bry bring politics in to a FB game J.A. (J=Jack you figure out the rest) get over yourself
  7. We will finish 6-6 if they take the rains off of White.
  8. Fuk n Refs cost us this game. Bull sh it call on Davis then they do the same fuk n thing and no call. Fire those fuk ers
  9. Holy crap. Pull the **** redshirt off White. We need a Qb with Confidence. Eveld ***, Floyd (Fumbleruski), Bench ( Head down can't see the field).
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