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  1. I'm thinking that will depend on SoS, how we beat the teams we beat, and whether the selection committee likes USF that year. It's pretty subjective, but all we can do is try to get ranked as high as possible at the end of each year. If we get snubbed one year, hopefully it would create enough attention that we wouldn't be overlooked if in the same position the next year.
  2. I've wondered about this, with Cable usage dropping and streaming services taking over. Do physical media markets even matter anymore when fewer and fewer people watch traditional broadcast TV and cable? Maybe ads are still regionally- or locally-targeted, even with streaming? I dunno.
  3. We should get an extra reaction ration for days like today.
  4. Totally agree. At this point, I don't even care what the conference looks like. If we win it and keep winning, hopefully we get ranked, noticed, and called up. Worst case, we win and keep winning and don't get called up and we get to watch exciting football (it's exciting to me if we win, even if they're ugly wins at this point), we'll be collecting hardware, and it'll give alums a sense of pride. Even if we're in Metro 2.0/C-USA 3.0/AAC 2.0, if we win it, how can people not have pride? Now, a casual who has no connection to USF, will they care? I have no idea. I doubt they care now, so who cares. Maybe we can lure them with some sexy OOC games?
  5. Hopefully, we recruit Florida better than any of them. Boca's closer to Miami, but I've got to think we'd be more attractive than FAU as an institution. The others, I'm hoping wouldn't steal many recruits from us. Even just the Bay area and Lakeland produces some pretty good talent. Time to lock down the homegrown guys.
  6. Which makes me wish that FIU was added along with FAU. That could have meant we were on the way out (I know, I know, but I can dream). 🙂
  7. Jasmine or Basmati, depending on whether I'm doing southeast asian or southern asian food.
  8. We are gonna have killer traps and delts from all the bailing to keep this thing afloat.
  9. I mean, she's the only one that likes us at the moment. Might as well have some fun and enjoy it.
  10. Maybe it's Stockholm Syndrome or depression, but after staring at the East/West breakdown of AAC 2.0, I like this conference. I mean, it's not that my not liking it will change anything. But, seriously, I think I legitimately like this thing. I just want to see us win. There are some familiar faces there, some teams we definitely should (please god!) handle with ease, and a pretty decent path to some divisional and conference titles, bowl games, maybe a NY6 game, etc. And we still have room to work some OOC magic.
  11. Yeah, I don't understand this, either. We'll be at 14, but chances are strong we'll get poached again in a few years (hopefully with USF going but maybe not). Why not just go two more to 16 now before someone else scoops them up? Then again, our ESPN money probably wouldn't increase and we'd then have to split money even more.
  12. Don't worry about it. Someone in another thread (or this one?) said we were going to the Pac-12. LOL.
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