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  1. It's interesting to me that the sitting/standing thing is so contingent and varied based on sport (and probably other factors). For example, I went to an MLS game during a recent business trip and it was 100% expected that fans would stand during the entire event. I mean, you could sit down, but a majority of the fans were standing throughout the match. I stood the entire time, and never thought anything of it, really. I prefer to stand during the entirety of football games. And did so as a student. But, also, those were the last USF games I attended (due to relocation).
  2. It makes sense that ESPN would struggle to maintain their online streams. Since they are a small, understaffed, poorly funded organization that distributes their resources to the players that earn it for them. So, like, I get it.
  3. Where do Carlton Mitchell and Taurus Johnson rank? Those were the WR when I was in school. But the offense was so different, and so was the competition, making it hard for me to compare them with the AAC guys. McCants will probably be it, though.
  4. Also, I guess my outlook is shaded by the fact that I truly believe that we are really really good. Like undeniably good. Everyone who knows me in California who knows at least one thing about me knows that I went to USF. Lol. And i've been trying to tell people since before the season that this is first time I haven't felt that familiar sense impending of disappointment.
  5. And, hey, I'm sorry if I sound critical of anyone being pessimistic here. I really do get the concern. Maybe because I was a sophomore in 2007, I refuse to be greedy! Every win is the best win.
  6. Well, if truly capable of considering the bigger picture than you might realize that whether we win by 3000 or by 3, neither matters as much as simply winning. Assuming both USF and UCF are undefeated when they meet, the winner will outrank the other, regardless of the rankings entering the game. So, why not just give it a cognitive respite and just enjoy one game at a time?
  7. I get everyone's concerns about our performance relative to the rankings. But it just seems such a weird way to take in a game. I kinda favor the idea of just enjoying/hating these next two hours for what they are worth and leaving the periphery for later.
  8. Serious question: Is everyone here as negative in real life as many are on the forum? I don't mean that facetiously. Just wondering if being online draws out more impatience than actually exists.
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 8/100 My Time 172 seconds  
  10. We tackle this year. Which, alone, is an improvement over past year's defenses.
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