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  1. Backup qb from Clemson is transferring (2 yrs remaining). Will be a grad transfer with immediate eligibility. Do we have any chance to get him?
  2. Felix is a beast. Has Mack type potential.
  3. The entire p5/g5 construct is a joke. It does eliminate a large portion of the teams before the first snap. It creates a ceiling that cannot be breached. It's a good ol boys club. Sounds a little like certain parts of our society (not to start a political debate, just funny how sports can mimic society).
  4. If you bet your house usf would cover you have bigger problems than losing your house... we couldn't beat air by 32.5 or whatever the spread was when you took it.
  5. if we lose to tulsa we should just pack it up... then again this team frightens me and i wouldn't actually be all that shocked....
  6. That was not a penalty. You have to bring the guy down some way and he wasn't out of bounds. That was one of the worst calls I have seen.
  7. ha ha no... just know that there are usf alums advocating our program behind the scenes and seeking to get the one marquee matchup that looms on our schedule on the radar of those that influence opinions. Let's just say when it was brought up it was met with a bit of surprise followed by immediate intrigue.
  8. You may have heard Mr. Herbstreit mention during Saturday Selections on GameDay the implications of a potential USF-UCF matchup in late November, provided the two teams remain on their current track. I may or may not have been with Kirk this week and may or may not have incited this discussion. He may or may not have even known this matchup was on the schedule the day after Thanksgiving. I won't disclose the situation or relationship but just wanted to disclose that I may or may not have put this game on his radar. Tonight reinforced a lot of the subject matters I may or may not ha
  9. How is this even a debate? I do not think that game would be close at all. Ignore the records and the rankings. The 2007 team had one Achilles heal, playing against downhill NFL running back talent. They would also be 7-0 at this point and probably bored with the schedule. Granted, there were times they played to the competition in typical USF frustrating fashion but the 2007 team would smoke this one, especially if given their respective coaching staffs. Tonight's performance was not the catalyst for this post but only reinforced that thought. And anyone that points to that Oregon
  10. I miss living in the world where all the articles and analysts were picking us to be good...
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