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  1. I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.
  2. 1) Da Bulls. 2) 47-44. 3) 456 yards 4) Barnett 5) McCants
  3. Bullschmutz

    Illinois game TV

    All BTN games are available on the Fox Sports App, according to btn.com
  4. Bullschmutz

    Barnett Wins the Starting Job

    Tallest USF QB ever?
  5. Bullschmutz

    2018 AP Preseason Rankings

    The Fighting Kiffin's may start their 2018 media campaign ranked.
  6. Bullschmutz

    Brett Kean Cleared

    Free Kean!
  7. KU has gone a month without landing an athletic director. They are a never was/never will be in Football. It's only a matter of time before they are on the outside looking in.
  8. My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with a girl who saw Kean pass-out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.
  9. Bullschmutz

    New AD Search

    Brett is our daddy.