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  1. I have terrible knees. Never had had a problem. This works your quads, calves and hamstrings when you push and pull so it can only strengthen your knee joint. Its a pretty stable motion, no twisting or turning or whatever. The machine itself is just a rower. There is a digital display that does all sorts of recordings. You can play games on it, races, some fishing games, but I just row. I hook it up to a Polar heart monitor which shows up onscreen and keep my HR between 150 and 155. That way I don't burn out or put too little effort in. The resistance is adjustable. It is a full body wor
  2. Yeah I have the Concept 2 as well. I put some Scandinavian scenic rowing videos on and pump out some Doom Metal on my mains and ITS ON. Also been biking everywhere and we have some serious hills here.
  3. But as fervent sports fans, I think we should officially play this off as, "Well, we would have kicked Texas's ass but..."
  4. Kettlebells. Lots of Kettlebells. Also got a rowing Erg.
  5. College football has 105 active players on a team. We already have to do number substitutions in game. I clearly remember us getting a penalty for a number infraction, two people with the same number on the field in the same play. Let's not shoot ourselves in the foot here.
  6. USF would totally not accept me had I been applying now. Hehe.
  7. I think after dealing with the monster CJL had become, USF put football in the corner. There was a pissing contest and football lost. And oh boy did we. Skip checked out and we are in the kiddie pool after realignment.
  8. No. Not at all. He probably regrets not taking the Alabama job. Twice.
  9. Expansion, yes. G5 autobid? Hell no. No reason Alabama and Clemson should batter the G5 champ every year. It would get boring quick.
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