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  1. We have one of the absolute best Tight Ends in the game. Why don't we throw him the ball every play? One target at Navy is a serious coaching error.
  2. I was surprised to see not only how many showed up, but how many did the Alumni Tailgate inside the stadium. It was packed.
  3. I'm here. Going to Alumni tailgate. There is a meetup Friday at Penn Quarter Sports Tavern friday, 5:30 to 8, in DC.
  4. I'll be there the week before. That friday, 10 of my homies are flying in. We are all taking the Alumni bus to the tailgate/game. Wow, the bus is sold out. https://www.usfalumni.org/s/861/02-alumni/index.aspx?sid=861&gid=1&pgid=5158&cid=15027&ecid=15027
  5. I still can't believe the size of the Mangino prowling the sidelines... in a jacket no less. Once you see that in person, you can't unsee it.
  6. Um... 2001 and Mons? AND, a Publix sub sandwich. I was at the Wisconsin game. Went to the Brat Spot. The House on the Rock. Had some Spotted Cow beers outside Camp Randall. It was the best gameday atmosphere, tradition-wise, I've ever been to. It took a while for the students to wake up and fill up their section for a noon game. But by halftime the joint was rocking. I still get queasy when I hear the name Melvin Gordon. He ran us over like a runaway milk truck.
  7. My memory says Danny Verpaele called his shot first.
  8. Some have to work hard. Others, it comes natural. You're a natural, baby.
  9. I will be in DC the week prior as well. Check this out: https://www.usfalumni.org/s/861/02-alumni/index.aspx?sid=861&gid=1&pgid=5080&cid=14899 Bus from DC Suburbs to Annapolis. They will add a DC stop if there is interest. And, oh, a tailgate and ticket for $65.
  10. Yeah, I'll be in DC that week prior and will be at the game. No rental car, so this may be the way to go. Especially if it picks up in DC.
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