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  1. If he wears a helmet that fits him this yes...the amount of coaching mistakes are ridiculous Was Georgia Tech's OL good?
  2. Maybe I wasn't clear, he requires a Dual Threat QB. The top back had 137 carries and the qb had 136 caries
  3. What???? The Valdosta State team he coached last year had a QB rush 136 times for 732 yards!!!!
  4. To be fair, I thought the defense was reasonable for the most part. Taylor was going to make some plays and they caught us on a really nice screen for a TD. I've seen much worse defensively. It's one of the worst offensive performances in school history and that history includes some horrendous QB's
  5. Kelly has a mess on is hands right now and he needs to realize it. This is one of the worst teams in FBS and he is now responsible. This becomes his legacy now.
  6. This is so accurate that I wish I posted it.
  7. Fire Charlie Tonight! Sticking with this will be your undoing AD Kelly.
  8. That's my first name and I was worried that I was having a scenario unfolding like Dwight vs. Dunder Mifflin Infinity when I logged on this afternoon.
  9. Last year had a lot of variance from the Defense, there were some strange bad performances (Tulane, UCONN), some unexplainable like the 3rd and long defense vs Houston, some very solid performances like (Illinois and Cinci) and great showing vs. Temple and then some complete nightmares like Marshall and UCF. I don't really know what to expect.
  10. USF is now reporting turnstile numbers for attendance for all athletic events!
  11. On a positive note, I think Kelley Joiner has a chance to be a really good RB in the AAC.
  12. We have played Baylor and TCU. In fact, we were almost in the same conference at TCU twice!
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