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  1. Polkcountybull

    2019 Football Signees

    On a positive note, I think Kelley Joiner has a chance to be a really good RB in the AAC.
  2. Polkcountybull

    Future Schedules

    We have played Baylor and TCU. In fact, we were almost in the same conference at TCU twice!
  3. Polkcountybull

    Defense Isn’t Improving

    OL not playing terrible...the scheme puts a lot on BB to make the reads on blitz...there have been a few times where they get beat on 1v1 pass rush but not as much as it probably seems. Also Cronkrite having to do heavy lifting with no other RB's healthy running the ball and pass pro
  4. Polkcountybull

    Defense Isn’t Improving

    There were breakdowns in the secondary in the 2nd half. I don't think they play Cover 2 very well and without being able to watch film that seemed like the problem. Also, there were gap control and some tackling issues on blitz calls that created some big plays today.
  5. Polkcountybull

    USF Needs to Add 2019 Game

    Good Point. I should have used his proper title.
  6. Polkcountybull

    USF Needs to Add 2019 Game

    That makes the most sense. I'm guessing that ADMK is working on that.
  7. Polkcountybull

    Chicago Roll Call/Updates

    Flying out at 4:40 tomorrow
  8. Polkcountybull

    Illinois game 2018

    I purchased Club Section 213 just in case!
  9. Polkcountybull

    Barnett Wins the Starting Job

    Why is there perception that BB is not a dual threat QB?
  10. Polkcountybull

    AAC Tournament

    Maybe not. There are a lot of moving parts here and if you don't finish well then you may get passed by other teams that do finish well.
  11. Polkcountybull

    AAC Tournament

    Don't get a come back here and look for a 3 seed in Gainesville or Tallahassee.
  12. Polkcountybull

    Football: better year?

    Who is the pocket passer? Kean? Battle?
  13. Polkcountybull

    Illinois game 2018

    I think it is great that it has been moved back to Soldier Field. I already have four going with the possibility of 2-4 more joining us.
  14. Tried to... Bausfkid cannot receive messages.
  15. I would be interested depending on the dates available.