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  1. Those would be fun games but it feels like one of those if we win "we should have won" and if we lose we look bad scenarios. From a national exposure perspective (to Apis Bull's point above) or as a hypothetical playoff booster I so not see what we gain playing those teams. I would rather play a tough P5 and have something to gain and not as much to lose or a FCS to minimize risk.
  2. I guess I would just call it venting. I got to scream at the TV I've but that didn't seem enough.
  3. Absolutely nobody is saying that. I had questions about these calls. I personally learned that you can't tackle a QB below the knees and there may not be a running into the kicker rule. This is a USF fan board and should the right place for a little venting and clarification about calls like these.
  4. We won the game so this is not sour grapes or excuse making. I was watching the game in a public setting and could not hear the announcers and could rewind. 1. Roughing the passer - To me it looked like the QB still had the ball when he was hit. Did the defender do something like lead with his head? 2. Horse collar - looked to me that he had the guys shoulder pads not his jersey. 3. Tripping - happened fast and I only saw it once. It looked like it was inadvertent. He certainly didn't stick his foot out as the defender was running by (not that that is the rule, it just didn't look blatant). 4. Roughing the kicker - looked more like running into the kicker and even weak for that. The punter flopped like a champ though Even if all these calls were bad the guys did the right thing and won the game anyway. It just can be a little frustrating, especially when you have a few beers in you. Overall, we had 60 yards worth of unsportsmanlike conduct and they all seem to happen at unfortunate times. Not a conspiracy just a huge hill to overcome. Along with being on the road against a big 10 opponent and no kicker, I think we did pretty well overcoming adversity.
  5. This is how I see it. If someone is standing and blocking my view I use it as an excuse to stand too. If they sit down I'll sit down. If someone says something to me a tell them I can't see over the other guy. If it's a big play or a meaningful time in the game I'll stand regardless.
  6. Yes learned about LRS's passing during one of the rain delays.
  7. It looked reminiscent of the Notre Dame game.
  8. Please site your sources. If I get my kid to pick this all up somehow for his STEM project I will get to read this forum more frequently at home so I can help him with his homework.
  9. I thought the home team got to pick which jerseys they wanted to wear?
  10. I was wondering about that myself. I seriously don't think the equipment manager has anything to do with choosing the color the team wears. I'm curious how it came about.
  11. It might have been the hottest game over been to and I was in the shade.
  12. Looks like Sawtelle proved you wrong!. I'm sure you don't mind at all.
  13. Not a twitter expert here but I think if you go back in time and look at old tweets it shows your current profile picture. Just like here actually.
  14. For a minute I thought you hacked my daughter's Instagram account with these quotes, then I noticed there were fewer puppies.
  15. Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service LOL, I had to google it but yea I guess if people who call into customer service lines are raving fans because you are so good and then you leave and take your star employees with you - that would fit. I stand corrected.
  16. Yea they should be and probably are. They are fans no? Fans are not rational last time I checked. Maybe that is our problem these days idk. As for you, I don't know your situation. People generally are not fans in professional settings. Do you have fans? Maybe some of your previous company's fans are mad at you and see you in the same light. If you don't have fans then you are likely in a different boat.
  17. Move it where? There are other boards on this forum?
  18. I have not read this entire thread or all of @puc86 's comments, but the ones I have read seem pretty factual. He did mention something about being a bulls fan (short for fanatic) so it makes sense he looks at things through the lens of what is best for USF. Looking through that lens I appreciate what he did for the program but he could have left and been more gracious in interviews about USF after leaving. One could debate whether he should have stolen our recruits or tried to get CCS as his DC. He did those things for his career but should I, as a fan, be happy about it? xCWT has a sckechy record that can be You don't have to he a hater to get pissed at some of the things he has done since leaving. It certainly shouldn't preclude you from procreating.
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