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  1. The funny thing is that Coach O was the one to send out the emails. Guess he didn't send one out after leaving.
  2. Bourbon Bull

    USF dropped from D1 baseball poll

    Old school baby.
  3. Bourbon Bull

    USF dropped from D1 baseball poll

    This round goes to Brass. First of all I wouldn't say there is massive movement on his fastball. I only saw him pitch 3 times this year but sit right behind the catcher when we go. Movement is okay. But if you can't control it then throwing 100+ does you no good.
  4. Funny that this was announced today. I didn't even know, until yesterday, that Coach O was fired or left the program. Hopefully the new guy works out. Have met Dominic a few times and a good guy. Best of luck to him in his new role.
  5. Bourbon Bull

    Men's Golf Regionals

    Disappointing day for sure. CSB has said that they were going to have to real low at this course. Didn't happen. Will be a while before we sniff the NCAAs again I'm afraid. The only starter coming back is Kyle. Nice kid and nice player but doesn't bomb the ball. Unless we have some transfers coming in, next year will be a rebuilding year.
  6. Bourbon Bull

    Betting on college sports

    Plenty of jerks in the Hall of Fame.
  7. I'm guessing you are correct. He probably had never heard of USF being recruited by Alabama initially.
  8. Bourbon Bull

    Men's Golf Regionals

    Looks like it is the individual scores that are screwed up. DiMarco had a 5 of a par 3 but his summary shows at -2. I knew there would be some nerves today. Hopefully they can right this ship.
  9. Bourbon Bull

    Men's Golf Regionals

    Something isn't adding up. Looking at the app it shows us as a team +4. But looking at individual scores it shows DiMarco -2, Singh -1, Correa -1 and Jones Even. That would be -4 ??????
  10. Looks like if you clear your cookies you can vote again. I first tried using incognito mode but that didn't work and then tried changing locations on the VPN and that didn't work. So it had to be the cookies.
  11. Bourbon Bull

    Men's Golf Regionals

    Believe it was luck of the draw with UCF getting home course. Didn't the national championship rounds get played just an hour south of Tampa the year we made the final 8? CSB was pretty happy with getting that course in Kissimmee. Same grasses as we are used to playing on. And, to the person that asked, top 5 go. Don't know how ties are settled. We are only 2 clear of not making the Top 5 so expect to see some nerves tomorrow. As for UCF's team, they played us pretty much even at the event in Gainesville earlier this year. They've got a nice squad.
  12. Bourbon Bull

    Couple of Bulls Don’t Make NFL Cuts

    Thanks for the laugh.
  13. Bourbon Bull

    Betting on college sports

    On the Pete Rose topic. Didn't he bet, or at least get caught, while being a manager? All those hits he got are legit. No PEDs involved in any of those hits. Put him in the HOF.
  14. Bourbon Bull

    Reputation/Reaction Now Viewable to Member

    I find this topic very interesting. Don't think I even know how to down or up vote. Is it the little heart thing at the bottom of each post? Don't plan on using it so it probably doesn't matter.