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  1. I was at work breaking down the different scenarios and what our resume would look like in each case to the NCAA committee. I am sure I missed or didn't think of something and would like to get other peoples thoughts. Lose to UCONN and Win Less than 3 Games in the BE Tourney - We don’t have a chance of getting in the tourney. Lose to UCONN and Win 3 Games in the BE Tourney - 21 wins 13 Losses - Elite Wins against Pitt and Either Nova, WV or Pitt again. - 7-12 against RPI Top 100 - RPI around 55-60 and SOS around 50-55 This get us in the discussion but we are still outside looking in
  2. In 2004 Utah St was 25-3 (ranked in the top 25), didn't win their conference tournament and didn't make the tournament.
  3. I kept hearing about how this Gonzalez guy was very thorough. It took almost a month to complete this report does anyone really think it was very thorough? - How many people were actually in the locker room at the time of the incident? - How many people actually saw the incident or part of it? - What were some of the questions asked? - Where are the follow up interviews? - Why didn't they interview everyone? - Was everyone given a chance to interview if they wanted? - They don't ever ask any of the coaches not in the room on what they heard happened or what Joel or others talked to the
  4. Hey Chris, Thanks for all your responses! I think I understand what is going on now. I do have one question. What are your opinions of Leavitt not as a college football coach, but as a person and a human being?
  5. That really wasn't that bad. I used to listen to Rome all the time (even though I can't stand him and all the rehearsed rants) and a lot of the interviews are with people on their cell phones in the car or outside. I agree Matt is not the best speaker, but I thought the interview was very real. Which I appreciate more then a lot of interviews I hear where some PR guy told the person everything to say beforehand.
  6. Its not ESPN, its STATS. A lot of other sites use them as a media source.
  7. The feed is very irritating, it keeps coming and going. Do you think the weather has something to do with it?
  8. Either our Defensive line is going to be awesome or our O-line really needs work. Off-Topic - What's the attendance like?
  9. I can't watch the game so I am only going on what I hear, it just seems like he wants to run too much.
  10. It doesn't seem Grothe is adjusting to the no contact rule.
  11. This sucks, I don't mind audio broadcasts for real games, but for I want to see how we look for the spring game. Audio broadcasts are usually more exciting for real games. :'(
  12. Is there anyplace to watch the spring game Online? Pass Pass only has audio and I don't live in Tampa anymore.
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