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  1. Who do we like as replacements (assuming we lose three schools)? Georgia State, App State, UAB?
  2. 1) The winning team: NC State2) The final score: 42-243) Bulls leading rusher: Felix4) Bulls leading receiver: Weaver5) Bulls total offensive yards: 313
  3. The last ten years or so I've definitely felt this way leading up to the season. Once it gets going I'm pretty hyped though.
  4. When this gets to page 2007, I want nothing but highlights and video links to the '07 season.
  5. I don't think so. Not enough fan support (eyeballs). It's critical that if we want to stay competitive, our Alumni step up with donations and game attendance. I don't think we will be able to stay competitive (in Division I) off of TV money alone.
  6. Last time this happened, I did alot of worrying and hand wringing about all the different possible scenarios. Ultimately, we need our fans and alumni to step up, regardless of what conference (or eventual league) we play in. To anyone reading this, please consider answering the call for donations. Will go a LONG way to getting better facilities for our program progrum and making us more attractive to potential CFB organizations. We need fan and financial support now more than ever. Go Bulls.
  7. I'd like to echo the sentiments of some others on here; this new slime uniform aint it, especially when combined with that helmet. Not a fan of the black soflo uniforms from last year either.
  8. The struggles under Taggarts first two years were the best thing for my perspective about USF football; you could see flashes here and there, reasons to hope that better days were ahead. Then it finally clicked in and the Bulls started kicking heads in. As long as we can see those flashes, some semblance of progress, I can be as patient as needed.
  9. Man, I hope this dude is for real; we need some consistency. Go Bulls. United Start to Finish!
  10. Man, I really hope this works out, I think he would be a tremendous get! Go Bulls!
  11. I think this is awesome. Love the Play maker Belt!
  12. I absolutely loved the kit they sent out last year. I hope they continue the tradition every year (same size box, new design and goodies). I'm hopeful we will get something that cool again.
  13. Bearcats 56 - 17 Ford McCants 425 Lots of yards, but few points for the bulls again this week.
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