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  1. Bearcats 56 - 17 Ford McCants 425 Lots of yards, but few points for the bulls again this week.
  2. 8-4 is my best guess as of today. Still hoping they can bring the offense together.
  3. MoneyBull83

    New logo

    I like the bull, but there is no Gold in that logo. Also, not a huge fan of the font.
  4. MoneyBull83

    New adidas gear

    I was too slow on those Adidas polos. Only small left.
  5. MoneyBull83

    Love the All Black Unies

    Feel the same way about these black unis as I do about the green 'soflo' unis Under Armor had; Not opposed to a black alternate uniform, but the 'soflo' color scheme needs to die.
  6. Stadium is a dump, surrounding area is run down. Not a great trip, and I don't think I'll make it again (went last year). I feel bad for the players.
  7. MoneyBull83


    High hopes for an undefeated run next season, but expect 1-2 losses before the bowl game.
  8. I think I'll give this a shot for the Tulane trip.
  9. I also have something coming today from USF via UPS, supposedly will be here before 7PM tonight. Edit: I am a season ticket holder and I attended the bowl game.