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  1. When will Judy come out to defend the University? And let the world know that the judge comments about the University was unfair and insulting to the great students that represent USF. And demand an apology.
  2. Here's to hoping CCS keeping this train moving forward.
  3. Can't blame him if he left. You come to college for a career. Plus he can't risk injury.
  4. Gee I hope so. That's been the stigma around college football about USF coaching job.
  5. Charlie Strong will be looking at the allotted payout for his assistance. And that could hurt us. They would have to match Temple and Baylor. Or at least come close to matching. That is USF's biggest hang-up. A lot of coaches want this job. But can we afford it?
  6. Wow! We really have a thread for this. We have a better chance at getting him as HC. That's if/when Willie leaves the program. And it could be this year. Plus USF would have to loosen the purse stings to get qualified assistants on this team. That's the stigma around the country about USF. They're cheap, and a coach must come in and create miracles. NO HIGH END COACH would come in risking there career on that. Plus I wouldn't want the team to change to offensive system anyways. I would pray we keep the same offensive system. It works. Our defense system needs work.
  7. Somebody help me with this. What happen with Rick Kravitz with USF? Last thing I read is he resign from a high school gig in St. Pete.
  8. They would really need to release the purse strings.
  9. We don't lack talent on defense now. We lack coaching and maybe depth.
  10. Imagine if we would have Grothe or BJ in this Gulfcoast offense. Wow!
  11. Second best runningback on the team. And if Mack leave, he will be the best.
  12. I know they will be fine. There next biggest test should be Houston. That's if they make it to the championship game without any hiccups. My problem was that this defensive team played like it was scared. Even though last year's team gave up a lot of yards to FSU. They got better toward the end of the season. Except for the WKU bowl game. I know they're playing the same scheme, but with less aggression. That's my problem. I feel that if they make it to a bigger conference, the school will need to open up the budget to compete. Excuse me if I rambled off. I just hate when the small guy get kick down. And they lay there taken it. I was brought up not to take it like a p***y.
  13. FSU played like they just rolled there helmits out on the field, and dared USF defense to stop it. That's the way USF have played the FSU's and Canes lately. It seems like they coward down to these teams. Yesterday was the worst beaten by a frighten defensive team. This is about the mind state of the current players and lack of talent of the defensive coaching staff. And please don't give me that they were undersized. Our past teams was undersized. Those teams fought. Opponents knew that they were in a fight. This defense lack heart. In the second half they showed more pride. But lack heart. And I know that there's a plea for a better DC. But that's not going to happen with the budget they have. Unless they get a good one from the sub division or division 3. USF has a rep out there that they don't pay well. So what can they do? And I don't think Coach(Dungy, Lovie) Taggart would fire his buddies for a whole new defensive staff. Too loyal.
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