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  1. IHuckItDeep

    USF Moving Up!

    that's awesome
  2. We have a few Bulls out there playing. MVS, I believe Abraham, and I think one more. Anyone know why some players have other schools stickers all over their helmets?
  3. IHuckItDeep


    Dont think Tampa would be a good option with the Bucs here. Orlando makes sense though.
  4. IHuckItDeep

    College bars near usf

    Unfortunately Cop top and CDB's are closing down. That whole shopping center is getting demolished to build a PDQ. I believe cop top is going to look to relocate close by so hopefully CBD's does as well. Those were USF bar staples. We do need more bars around campus. I know what would bring in more bars....dont make me say it.
  5. IHuckItDeep

    In .... your .... face!

    I was sitting next to our band the whole game. There was one point in the game that herd of thunder imitated the texas tech band and did the thing where that hold that one note out as long as possible until the opposing QB snaps the bowl. After we did it, it looked like HArlan walked over to the band director looking pretty pissed off and told him not to do that again. Did anyone else catch this?
  6. Athletics just received a $1 million dollar gift to go towards the football center. http://gousfbulls.com/news/2017/12/7/athletics-receives-1-million-gift-for-usf-football-center.aspx Great news and hopefully the money keeps coming in. I don't have $1 million dollars, but wasn't there supposed to be a fund set up to donate specially to the football center? Anyone hear about that getting set up?
  7. Can you blame him? He wants to call out the committee and an undefeated conference champion that is not even in the top 10 is his opportunity to do so. It sucks to be treated unfairly and I'm glad we have this guy as our commissioner.
  8. IHuckItDeep

    Senior Day Attendance

    If we get between 25k to 30k Ill be ecstatic
  9. But....they are on our level.... it was hard to type that
  10. IHuckItDeep

    USF Football Center... It's real!

    Awesome, I will be absolutely donating to this. Side note: I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller (because I wont be able to give that much).
  11. IHuckItDeep

    USF Football Center... It's real!

    woah mama...is this real life? OK its not that real...it hasnt been funded yet.
  12. IHuckItDeep

    Perfect Playoff Scenario

    Probably best case scenario for us.
  13. IHuckItDeep

    Cincinnati Game Video

    tried to find her, but I cant. I was at the game so not sure when they were showing her on TV.
  14. I was also impressed by how loud and clearly everyone sang that. Isn't this is something the Red Sox do at their games?