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  1. I have two tickets for this weekends game. Section 17 Row KK I will sell them for face value (43.00 ea)
  2. I have two Tickets USF Section that I would sell for face value.
  3. Just voted here are the numbers... USF 53% USC 47% 5,446 votes
  4. I say white... only b/c Grothe and Selvie won't play for very long and Voss is the only QB that is taking contact and white has him in the second half.
  5. I read on GoUSFBulls.com that this years spring game teams are going to be drafted instead up split 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, etc. I've never heard of any school doing this before but It go me thinking about who my top ten would be. So here is my list what does everyone else think? 1. Grothe 2. Selvie 3. T-Mac 4. T. Johnson 5. Nate Allen 6. Carlton Mitchell 7. Jerome Murphy 8. Mike Ford 9. Ryan Schmidt 10. Kion Wilson
  6. I concur, we always her CJL tell his players that they are making history but we as fans are making history too. Lets have fun but do it in the right way. We want our team and coaches to have good reputations, but we as fans should want a good reputation for ourselves as well. For all of you going to the bowl game I will see you tomorrow at 10:15 mountain time. I'll be the one in green.
  7. I was wondering the same thing... We were sitting right under the basket and I couldn't tell what he did. However, he must have said something to the official or to the UAB player because I saw Tonelli giving him a tongue lashing with a lot of expletives.
  8. Well that news is kind of the pits... especially when you take all of the time, energy, and money to go to the game. I am a season ticket holder however I am not not at the green jacket donor level, but we did put in the the 60 dollar tickets. We figured if we were going all that way we should get good seats. I guess I should just get prepared to be disappointed.
  9. We have two rooms booked at the Wingate for the 29th through the 1st.
  10. 1) yes 2) yes (by Monday) 3) yes 4 in section 215 4) last week was short coming off of the high from the win, this we has been really long. 5) I always put the flags on the car and were a polo shirt on Fridays to work.
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