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  1. Anybody know of an Orlando area watch party. Go Bulls!
  2. I am at the Orlando Monarchs, a collegiate summer league, game. OF Austin Lueck of USF plays for the Monarchs. Catcher Blake Sydeski of USF plays for the Deland Suns. "It's a beautiful night for baseball."
  3. How about it Orlando Bulls fans? Where shall we meet to watch in the Orlando area? Last year the alumni association met at the Winter Park Ale House.
  4. Ready to represent in Orlando. Doesn't look like there is an Orlando Alumni Association watch party tomorrow, so where shall we Orlando Bulls congregate? Anyone?...Beuller?
  5. Flying up Thursday, returning Monday. Staying with my brother in Binghamton and taking him to the game. Had a great time two years ago. Good food, great beer, nice people and a Bulls victory. Here's to a repeat performance.
  6. Got curious and did some checking online. It looks like the train, called OnTrack or Orange Express, was discontinued in March 2008. Looks like we won't have that option this time around. Too bad. I'd still like to park downtown or at Armory Square and shuttle to the game. Will have to see as we get closer. Should be a great road trip.
  7. We'll drive up from Binghamton on Saturday morning and then go to Armory Square after the game. Will have to make it to Dinosaur BBQ, not gone there before. We usually go to Syracuse Suds Factory, among others. Also will keep an ear out for wherever our fellow Bulls might congregate post game. Two years ago I think we actually took the train from Armory Square rather than the mall. I remember the parking was very easy.
  8. The year before last I went to the road game in Syracuse with my brother who lives in Binghamton, New York. Ate and drank post game in the Armory area of downtown Syracuse. I took the train from the Carousel Mall area (I think that's where it was). I would do it again. Parking was easy, the train trip was convenient and interesting. They use old double decker passenger cars. It's just a couple block walk up the hill from the train to the dome. The Carrier Dome was a great place to watch a game. Our section was right next to the visiting players' tunnel so we had alot of interaction with the players and coaches. Rocky and the cheerleaders were right in front of our section. It also helped that the BULLS had a great game after the ugly losing streak that year. Was great fun. Will be there again this year. Can't wait.
  9. BullsDad

    I needed a laugh

    Welcome to the board futurebullsmom!
  10. My wife and I can't get over on Friday from Orlando. She has to work Saturday morning. We will just make it for game time. Staying at "our" flagship hotel...Courtyard by Mariott in Clearwater. LOL. We'll hit the town post game instead. Go Bulls!
  11. My wife and I will be attending. Will RSVP tomorrow after she confirms getting Saturday morning off work so we can come over from Orlando on Friday night. How can one put a price on all the Bulls love that will be in the room.
  12. Apis, I was hoping to confirm that the Ale House was the place. However my wife and I may not be able to make it today. We have a family obligation in Lake County later this morning and don't know if we'll be back in time. Hope to see you later. Go Bulls!
  13. My wife and I are having dinner Friday night with friends who live in Raleigh. We'll probably stop by Sammy's after dinner. If that counts, add 2 for the RSVP.
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