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  1. But if the AP and ESPN are using Fanhouse as their source this could all be wrong.. Haven't heard any of the ESPN big names come out and report it from their sources.
  2. Just got 3 in 332. When WVU was here that SE upper corner was all WVU, not sure if those where sold by them or what. But if Cincy has those tix i would think that they are close to opening the west side. Also over 50K would make me think that the east side is near full.
  3. What I find funny is that if (and I think we will) beat Cincy this week we will have two ranked opp wins and will be 6-0 and prob still barely in the top 15. I get the early hesitation b/c of our past collapse but this is a new season. Ranking should be based on what you have done this year not what you did with other teams. Hell you have BYU ahead of us with one loss and one win vs a ranked team. BTW that loss was a thumping at home vs a team we beat at their house. I really hope as the season goes on this fixes itself and we still keep winning. Or we will be extremely screwed come bowl season.
  4. This is not true. Brett would put a negative spin on any story, and he would go looking for "dirt" to try and bring the program down. You should remove your blinders then. I'm for the media holding, not just my gov, but my sports teams accountable. If CJL, staff member or team is doing something wrong it should be reported. This is public school funded with public money. If Brett did his due diligence and was indeed reporting facts then I have no problem with him exposing the "dirt". We as fans may not want to hear it but they should be held accountable. If you want to listen to happy stores about the program full of marshmallows and butterflies then just read the USF PR releases; that should cover that.
  5. From a friend that works for the team it will either be the WVU or Miami, more then likely WVU since Miami has a white helmet already. But it will be this year unless like baseball says, they don't mess with something that's not broke.
  6. I would be more concerned about the much improved Cuse team before thinking about a number ranked D vs cincy. We are notorious at losing games we are suppose to win especially in the Big East. Lets just take one day/game at a time. Good practice then strong game.
  7. This makes it clear that coaches should not have a vote... Cincy at 11? LSU who has looked less then stellar this year in the top 5? Ok only loss to the BYU who is #21 yet they are #8. Polls make no sense to me.
  8. Humm, have a little issue with BYU b/c they got killed by FSU, but I figured we would barley be top25 if we did crack it.
  9. RT @usffootball Coaches do not put #USF in their top 25 poll. Bulls land at No. 27 with 117 votes. Anyone disagree?
  10. WOW!!!! Better then Auburn, we beat them in regulation, and better then any other big win we had on the road. This has to be the signature win for USF!
  11. Got a buddy in London that wants to watch, where can he stream the game online?
  12. I have a buddy who works with the team and was told that the white helmets will not be worn on the road this year, they will be reserved for a home game and will more then likely be the WVU game to play against the blue helmet they have but could show up during the Miami game, unlikely though since they wear white helmets. Today I think is green on green.
  13. It sucks that he is done but what would a med redshirt accomplish other then create a really uncomfortable QB situation next season. Grothe's done a lot for the program but at this point you have to rally around the guy you have designated the future which is BJ, it just became HIS team today.
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